Floral Print Formal Gowns Perfect For Any Special Occassion

February 22nd, 2017 FOR A SPECIAL OCCASION

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Whether you are celebrating the upcoming spring, enjoying the height of summer, or simply enjoy a bit of whimsy, floral print gowns can be an ideal choice for many occasions. Weddings, proms, homecomings, and many other special events are all wonderful times to select a fun print featuring some of your favorite flowers and colors.

In fact, the number of floral dresses that are available on the market mean you are sure to find a gown in your ideal cut or style featuring the touch of romance only a floral print can provide. And, since floral prints are often a fashion staple, you can almost guarantee you can find new choices every year. To help you see what options are available, here are some lovely choices for almost any formal occasion.

Long Floral Dresses for Any Formal Occasion

For those who prefer the classic look of a long dress but would like to mix it up adding floral details is a romantic and flirty options. Floral prints don’t come in just one style there are options available in almost any style and color. Whether you prefer the sleekness of mermaid floral gowns, the elegance of floral print ball gowns, or anything in between, you are sure not to be disappointed.

Gowns feature floral details in a variety of forms. You can enjoy the subtly of tone-on-tone lace, allowing the floral design to serve as a simple textural element against other fabric types or go dramatic with a distinct print featuring black flowers against vibrant colors or a watercolor print against classic pastels. These prints can also feature a variety of other stylistic elements like beading and crystals, and be constructed out of almost any formal gown material.

If you have a particular style of dress in mind, you can almost certainly find a great floral print to highlight the shape. A floral bodice can provide an elegant contrast to a skirt made fabrics like satin, tulle, or jersey. Or you can select a floral print for the skirt and keep the bodice a solid color. Often, if you choose a more tonal design, you can actually have a head to toe floral print that provides visual interest based on texture instead of high contrast color.

Short Floral Dresses

Semi-formal occasions, as well as school events like homecomings and proms, can often make a short floral dress a completely appropriate choice. Often, you will find suitable options ranging from distinct short floral cocktail dresses, classic tea-length gowns, and more. Skirt shapes can range from fitted to flared, and bodice choices and necklines are as flexible as any other style of dress.

Similar to the offerings of longer dresses, short floral dresses can feature the print on just the bodice, just the skirt, or across the entire design. Since the dress is shorter, it can make it simpler to maintain a strong floral print across the whole dress, because the contrast is automatically created with increased exposed skin. You can also see features like lace, beading, and crystals added for anything from subtle texture to dramatic sparkle.

While many people think that a short dress is only for younger women, it can be an excellent look for anyone who enjoys showing off their legs and a great pair of shoes. Simply choose a skirt length with which you are comfortable, and enjoy flaunting your favorite asset.

Floral Print Prom Dresses

Girls can also find show-stopping floral gowns that will help guarantee they make an entrance into prom. Designs can be found in one piece and two piece floral prom dresses, allowing each prom goer to choose a style that highlights their assets while ensuring they can dance the night away in comfort.

For those who prefer to flaunt shapely shoulders and a strong back, a racerback floral mermaid dress can provide a strong silhouette while maintaining a level of modesty. Gowns featuring floral prints with halter tops and illusion cut outs can create an unforgettable look sure to draw attention for all of the right reasons.

Floral prom dresses can be found in almost any color and style. In fact, with all of the options available, there is sure to be the ideal floral prom dress for anyone. So, whether you are looking for a full-length ball gown skirt, a smooth mermaid silhouette, or a short and stylish cocktail dress, there is one to suit your needs.

So, if you have your heart set on finding the perfect floral gown, don’t feel the need to settle. Consider which necklines and skirts you prefer and let those guide your choices. However, if you see a color or print that you simply can’t ignore, don’t be afraid to try something unique, especially for events like prom. Your prom may be one of the most flexible formal events you ever attend, making any style that you love the perfect choice. Find a dress that makes you happy and highlights (or flaunts) your favorite features, and you simply can’t go wrong.

Would you like to explore these and other exquisite options in floral print gowns in-person? Schedule an appointment with one of our authorized retailers today.

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