Val Stefani Blog: 2015 December

Great Gatsby Wedding Theme

Wedding Ideas, Tips and Inspiration

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Ring in the New Year with a Gatsby themed wedding! Gatsby themed weddings have become increasingly popular over the last few years and we are loving the creativity. You may be thinking, "What makes a wedding a Gatsby theme?". Well, many aspects of the wedding can contribute to your overall theme and really bring together a "Gatsby vibe" . Your...

Prom Dress Neckline Styles

Thursday, December 17th, 2015 FOR A SPECIAL OCCASION

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All the talk about prom styles has started and it's time to choose what styles fits you! One aspect of your dress to think about is what kind of neckline you're looking for. There are so many to choose from including bateau, sweetheart, high neck, v-neck, and even a new trendy jewel neckline. Necklines are important detailing as this defining...

How To Choose Wine For Your Wedding

Tuesday, December 22nd, 2015 Wedding Ideas, Tips and Inspiration

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If you are serving wine at your wedding then you need to decide on what type of wine to serve to your guests and what better way to decide then by trying them? If you are not an expert on what type of wine to drink with your meal we have some quick tips that your guests will love on your wedding day. Everyone has different preferences when it...

Style Spotlight: KAI | Beaded Lace Wedding Dress

Monday, December 21st, 2015 Style SPOTLIGHT

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This phenomenal Val Stefani style is the absolute wedding gown for any bride who is looking for the perfect blend of decadent beading and elegant laceThe sweetheart neckline is adorned in silver embroidery and opulent beading allowing you to shine throughout your special day.To enhance a feminine silhouette, the asymmetric drop waist will...

Low Back Wedding Dresses

December 24, 2015 Wedding Ideas, Tips and Inspiration

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Low back wedding dresses are absolutely stunning and are becoming a major trend for our modern brides. A bridal gown should make you feel like an absolute show stopper from head to toe and we aren't only talking about the front of your dress! We believe that the back of your dress should be just as gorgeous as the front!  Many brides are...

Dos And Don'ts Of Wedding Dress Shopping

Tuesday, December 15th, 2015 Wedding Ideas, Tips and Inspiration

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The most exciting part of your wedding planning has finally arrived, shopping for your wedding gown! The moment you said “yes” a million thoughts ran through your mind and now it is time to focus on the perfect dress you imagined. Wedding planning can become a little stressful, but this is the time to take a moment for yourself and become...

Holiday Dresses

December 21, 2015 FOR A SPECIAL OCCASION

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‘Tis the season to treat yourself to some holiday dresses! The holidays are quickly approaching and it is time to celebrate with your friends and family at all the holiday parties. Are you having trouble deciding on what to wear to each holiday party? Make spirits bright with a Val Stefani gown. Val Stefani has all the right dresses to...

Guide to Picking the Perfect Wedding Planner

12/16/2015 Wedding Ideas, Tips and Inspiration

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Are you recently engaged and ready to begin planning your wedding?

You may have spent hours reading article after article online and thumbed through every bridal magazine looking for inspiration. Maybe now you haven’t gotten sleep because of your new Pinterest addiction. Did your research only overwhelm you? You are now realizing you have so...

Couture Wedding Dresses For A Lavish Wedding

December 15, 2015 Wedding Ideas, Tips and Inspiration

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Are you looking to have a lavish wedding? There are many aspects that go into having a lavish wedding from the decor, to the venue, food, and especially your wedding dress. As you may know, your wedding dress will be the focal point of your wedding because, of course, all eyes will be on you! The thought of having and creating a lavish wedding...

Two Piece Formal Dresses For Prom

December 9th, 2015 FOR A SPECIAL OCCASION

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Prom season is almost here but it's always a good idea to start shopping early! The early bird gets the worm, right? We have all the insider tips for the hottest trends, so first things first: Two piece prom dresses are the way to go for Prom 2016! Imagine yourself walking in rockin' a hot two piece formal dress with gorgeous beading, the...

Slim Wedding Dresses

December 7, 2015 Wedding Ideas, Tips and Inspiration

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Out with the poof and in with the slim! 

When you close your eyes and imagine a wedding dress you may think of the largest, most extravagant, dramatic gown with layers of fabric adding an extra oomph. However, all that poof is not needed to feel like a beautiful bride! A slim fitted wedding dress may seem like you aren't going to look like a...