How To Choose Wine For Your Wedding

December 22nd, 2015 Wedding Ideas, Tips and Inspiration

If you are serving wine at your wedding then you need to decide on what type of wine to serve to your guests and what better way to decide then by trying them? If you are not an expert on what type of wine to drink with your meal we have some quick tips that your guests will love on your wedding day. Everyone has different preferences when it comes to their wine, but Val Stefani has some expert advice to share with you on how to choose the perfect wine for your wedding day. With so many different wine choices available we have narrowed down your wine selection based on the menu you will be serving, the season your wedding falls into and your budget.

Once you have decided on your menu or are currently finalizing your menu, we have found the perfect wines to go with any menu you will be serving for a memorable day. If chicken is your desired dinner choice we recommend a red or a white wine that is on the lighter to medium side, such as a classic bottle of Merlot or Chardonnay. These wines carry flavors that pair well with chicken. If your serving seafood or fish send your guests taste buds booming with a Greek wine or other lighter, mineral like white wine for an impeccable combination. The clean flavors will help to compliment the seafood you will serving. When serving beef on your wedding day pairing this selection with a full bodied red will is perfect. It will bring out the richness of the meat if you select grenache or pinot noir. In order to keep your guests satisfied be sure to take the time to match your menu with the perfect wine and your wedding will be sure to be remembered for a lifetime. 

The season alone can have your guest craving certain wines and you want to be sure you are not serving a wine that is desired during the summer season at your winter wedding. If you find yourself planning a Spring or Summer wedding we advise that you do not serve anything that is too heavy, especially if your celebration will be outdoors or during the day. During these seasons you cannot go wrong with a crispy white wine, such as a Pinot Grigio. On the other hand, Fall and Winter weddings are the perfect season to serve red wine, such as a bottle of Shiraz. A glass of red wine will go well with a heartier plated dinner like braised short ribs or prime rib that is usually served during a Fall or Winter wedding. A glass of dry rosé is perfect all year long for a wedding in any season and pairs great with a seafood-based menu. 

If your wine budget is one of the smaller amounts on your list you may be interested in purchasing your wine by the box, especially if you will be inviting a large group.  Box wine serves as a great option if you are looking into supplying your own wine and your guests will never tell the difference as long as you have them served in glasses before being brought out. If you prefer purchasing your wine by the bottle we suggest Kim Crawford Sauvignon Blanc and Wolfer Estate Rosé, which pair great with seafood and can be purchased for less than $20 a bottle. We love Clayhouse Adobe Red Paso Robles, California for couples looking to satisfy the taste buds of almost everyone at their wedding, as this wine goes great with red-sauce pastas, cheeses, BBQ and even meats for the low price of $18 per bottle. Do note that you can also purchase your wine in bulk at retailers and most often the discount will increase with every case that you add to your order. By pre-selecting one white and one red one for the meal that will also help with budget concerns because you can estimate how many you think you and your guests will be drinking and put a limit on how many bottles are served.

Even if wine is not your drink of choice now you can decide on the perfect wine to compliment any meal, during any season, on any budget. Take this time to go on date after date with your fiancé and try a different wine with every meal, while taking note on which wines stood out to you. When your special day finally arrives and you are enjoying your dinner with your cup of red, white or rosé wine, which perfectly compliments your menu choice, be sure to decide on a gown that does exactly that with a blush undertone or traditional white. Start your search for the perfect bridal gown here.
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