Welcome to Val Stefani’s privacy policy. Val Stefani respects your privacy and is committed to protecting your private information. This Statement of Privacy applies to the and Val Stefani. For the purposes of this Privacy Policy, unless otherwise noted, all references to Val Stefani, include, Moonlight Bridal Designs, Inc., and Val Stefani’s website is a wedding and prom fashion site. By using the Val Stefani website, you consent to the data practices described in this statement.

Overview and scope of Privacy Policy

Please, read this privacy policy (“Privacy Policy”) before submitting personal information to us via Val Stefani (“Val Stefani” or “we” or “us”) website at (“Site”) and associated B2B retailer portal applicable to bridal stores/salons (“Retailer Portal”). This Privacy Policy concerns everyone who uses our Site and Retailer Portal – whether you are accessing them as a Retailer or a Consumer.

This Privacy Policy describes, in detail, the types of information Val Stefani collects from you and how this information may be used, among other disclosures. You are required to review this Privacy Policy and agree to it before submitting personal information or purchasing from us.

By accessing the Site or Retailer Portal or submitting personal information to us, you represent to Val Stefani that you have reviewed, understand, and agreed to the disclosures in this Privacy Policy. If, however, you do not agree to this Privacy Policy, you are expected to refrain from accessing the Site or Retailer Portal.

Definition of Major Terms

Under this Privacy Policy, the quoted words have the meanings attached to them:

Personal information” is any information that can reveal your identity.

Non-personal information,” on the other hand, is any anonymous information. Unlike personal information, non-personal information cannot reveal who you are unless it is deanonymized or another information is provided.

Retailer” refers to any retail store or salon that access or uses our Site and Retailer Portal to check our bridal styles and submit orders.

Consumer” refers to anyone accessing our Site as an individual. This can be anyone, including the bride or anyone looking to find information on their behalf.

User” collectively refers to anyone using the Site, Retailer Portal, or purchasing from us.

Information collection and its uses

When you use our Site or register to use our Retailer Portal (as the case may be), we collect certain personal and non-personal information from you. This information may be submitted by you (for example, where you subscribe to receive newsletters) or collected by us through cookies and third-party tools. The categories of personal and non-personal information we collect include:

Registration information

If you attempt to use our Site to create an online Retailer or My Favorites account, we will collect the registration information you supply. This information may include, without limitation, your name, account name, country of location, store name, address, city, phone number, and email address. We will use this information to give you access to our products, contact you, verify you, save your styles, and provide you with your requests.

Order information

If you place an order for our products via our Retailer Portal, we will collect your order information via the order form provided to you. We collect order information to gather information about your orders and process and ship them as detailed in the form.

Contact information

If you subscribe to our email newsletter or reach out to us via our email address for questions, inquiries, or complaints, we will collect your email address and use them to respond to you, send you messages about new products, and notify you of other information.

User-generated content

Certain areas on the Site – especially our blogs – permit you to leave comments and other user-generated content. In order to leave a comment, you must provide a first and last name, which can also be a pseudonym or a fake name. However, be aware that if you leave a comment under your real name (or any name at all), it will be publicly available (this also applies to your comments).

Site usage and analytics information

We use Google Analytics (analytics tracking software from Google Inc.) to gather certain non-personal information when you access our Site – whether as a Retailer or Consumer. Site usage and analytics information may include the conversion rate for our store locator and newsletter sign up; the number of styles saved to the “My Favorites” section; how users navigate around the Site and Retailer Portal; the source a user came to the Site; the duration a visitor uses on the Site; and other anonymous user activities. We gather this information automatically to gather traffic information, the features users use, and the actions they take. We use this information to improve the Site, Retailer Portal, features, and tools for better user experience and the benefit of our legitimate interest.

Information retain period

Unless you attempt to exercise your right of deletion (described under the “Your Rights” section), we will retain personal information about you in our database until the purpose for which we collected it is achieved. If you request that we delete your information, we will act on your request to the extent possible.

Information disclosures

We keep the information we collect from you in relation to the Site and Retailer Portal private. We are not in the business of renting or selling personal information to third parties for their direct marketing purposes. However, information may be accessed and available to certain third parties under the circumstances explained below:

Information shared with third-party service providers

We use third parties for certain activities, including analytics gathering, email sending, and order fulfillment. Some of these third parties require that we share personal information with them before they can provide their services (for example, our email sender third party requires access to our email list to help us roll out our marketing emails). However, these third parties are obligated to treat any information shared with them in accordance with this Privacy Policy.

Information shared within the Val Stefani entity

Val Stefani is an entity that is composed of employees, directors, and executives. Your information may be available to any applicable persons within the organization (for example, any employee tasked with customer support will have access to your information to provide you with a solution to your request or question).

Information available to visitors via your submissions

As earlier explained, parts of the Site permit you to submit user-generated content such as comments. If you submit any comment on our blog, any personal information attached to your comment will be available to other users and visitors of the Site.

Information shared lawfully

On certain occasions, the law may require that we share personal information about you, to which we’ll have no choice but to comply. This may be in relation to any ongoing investigation between you and us or a third party or in any matter about national security. We may also share information about you with government agencies or third parties in any event where we believe such sharing will help protect us or a third party’s intellectual property; prevent an action by you that pose a risk of being fraudulent, unethical, or criminal; or protect the safety of a third party or any individual.

Information shared with another entity during a business transfer

Val Stefani may share personal information with any entity we are involved with subject to any business transfer activity, including, without limitation, sale of assets, merger, consolidation, bankruptcy, or acquisition.


Cookies are tiny bits of data that website owners attach to their users’ browsing devices in order to perform some actions, including tracking visitor movements and user interactions, remembering users and their inputs, securing their websites, gathering analytics, etc. Like these websites, Val Stefani uses cookies and other tracking technologies when you interact with the Site, Retailer Portal, and our content. These cookies are set by Val Stefani while certain third-party service providers, such as Google, also set their cookies.

We use cookies, specifically, on the Site for a few purposes, including gathering analytics about how visitors and users interact on the Site, Retailer Portal, and our content, including tracking user sessions and their actions regarding our email newsletters and product images.

To learn more about cookies, including the types we use on the Site, who sets them, their duration, and how to control them, please review our Cookie Policy.

Information security

Val Stefani cares about your privacy. We employ commercially reasonable practices in securing your information. We only share information about you in the manners described under this Privacy Policy. Any information you provide to us is stored and protected in our database with a password.

However, no method of online information security can be 100% reliable or secure. Although we will always strive to keep your information confidential, we cannot guarantee this at all times due to the nature of the internet. We do not warrant that information about you will not be accessed, altered, or used by unauthorized persons.

International transfer of information

Val Stefani provides the Site and bridal dress sales services from the State of California, US. This means that the information you submit to us is transferred and used by us in the US. Also, we use third-party service providers within the US and other locations outside your country of location and may transfer information to them in those locations. However, when you transfer personal information to us in the US, we will use it in accordance with this Privacy Policy and applicable laws.

For users who use the Site or Retailer Portal from locations within the EU, EEA, and similar countries subject to the General Data Protection Regulation (“GDPR”), when we transfer personal information to third-party service providers in other countries outside your location, we will rely on European Commission’s approved mechanism for data transfers, including using Standard Contractual Clauses where necessary.

Your rights

You have the following rights in relation to the information we hold about you:

i. You do not have any statutory obligation to provide us with any information. However, you understand that providing you with the required services may be impossible without providing the needed information.

ii. You have the right to request access to, edit, correct, and delete your email address or Retailer account information (as the case may be). To request access to, edit, or delete your information, you may use the account delete button or directly reach out to us via our email address at

iii. Where you subscribe to our email newsletters, you have the right to opt out at any time. You may opt out of receiving newsletters from us by using the “unsubscribe” instruction at the bottom of any email from us.

Additional information for users under the GDPR

If you are using the Site or Retailer Portal from locations under the GDPR, this section applies to you. Val Stefani serves as your “data controller” with respect to your information (or data). We will only process your information (i) where you give verifiable consent (such as where you subscribe to our newsletters); (ii) where we need it to perform a contract with you; (iii) where it fulfils our legitimate legal interests; and (iv) where we need to comply with our legal obligations (such as to keep records).

In addition to the rights above, you have the following additional rights:

i. The right to request a copy of the personal information we hold about you;

ii. The right to limit the processing of certain information about you;

iii. The right to data portability – to be able to take your information from us and re-use it across other services; and

iv. The right to report us to any data protection authority in your location if you believe we are unlawfully processing your information.

You may exercise any of these rights by reaching out to us at

Notice to California users

This section applies to you if you are using the Site or Retailer Portal from the State of California, US. Under the California Consumer Privacy Act that came into effect on January 1, 2020 (“CCPA”), California users have the following rights:

i. The right to know about the categories of personal information Val Stefani collected or shared about you in the previous 12 calendar months.

ii. The right to request that Val Stefani delete the information it holds about you. However, this right does not include any personal information we are required under law to keep for certain period. The right does not also include copies that exist with third-party service providers and other third parties.

iii. The right to request to opt out of the sale of your information to third parties for their direct marketing benefits. Fortunately, Val Stefani does not engage in selling of email addresses or other personal information for profit.

iv. The right to not be discriminated against when you attempt to exercise the other rights described under this section.

To exercise any of the above rights, please reach out to us via We may attempt to verify that you are a resident of the State of California before these rights are met.

Notice to Nevada users

This section applies to users from the State of Nevada, US. Under Nevada law, you have the right to opt out of the sale of your information to a third party for the third party to license that information to another third party. As described earlier under this Privacy Policy, Val Stefani is not in the business of selling personal information to third parties for profit.

Notwithstanding, you have the right to opt out of any future sale of personal information about you. You may reach out to opt out of any future sale via our email address at We may need to verify you before granting your request.

Do Not Track signals

A “Do Not Track” is a browser setting that allows you – if supported – to automatically transmit a signal to websites you visit not to track your behaviors across their websites. The Do Not Track feature is not widely accepted at this time; however, California’s Online Privacy Protection Act (“CalOPPA”) requires that websites disclose if they respond to Do Not Track signals. Unfortunately, like most websites, Val Stefani does not currently respond to Do Not Track signals. You may learn more about Do Not Track signals at www.allaboutdnt.coma>.

Updates to Privacy Policy

Val Stefani may review and update this Privacy Policy at any time, and such updates will become effective after posting them. When we update this Privacy Policy, it will be for reasons such as changes to applicable laws, our services, or privacy practices. We may notify you of updates to this Privacy Policy via your email address, Site interface, or any applicable communication channel. However, we advise that you frequently review this page for any updates as we may not notify you about updates directly.

By using the Site or Retailer Portal after any updates to this Privacy Policy, you confirm that you have consented or agreed to the updates.

Our contact information

We welcome questions, feedback, ideas, and suggestions about this Privacy Policy and our products. Please, reach out to us via the contact us section on the Site or use the contact information below:

Val Stefani


Effective as of September 1st, 2021