Guide To Finding the Right Hairstyle For Your Bridal Gown

March 8th, 2017 Wedding Ideas, Tips and Inspiration

What to look for when deciding on your wedding hair style

When it comes to choosing a hairstyle for your wedding day, it is important to select one that works with your dress and not against it. Key aspects of your gowns design, such as the neckline and whether you chose to have sleeves, will need to be considered as well as the general style of the dress. For example, a hairstyle that works with a sleeveless ball gown might not complement a sleek sheath.

So, before you choose a hairstyle, here are some tips to ensure that your carefully coifed tresses will work in harmony with the neckline of your wedding dress and match the overall style of the gown.

Which Bridal Hairstyle Is Best For Each Bridal Neckline


Choosing a strapless gown means you can explore a full range of hairstyles designed to complement the feel of the dress. A strapless gown with a sweetheart neckline often conjures up images of classic bridal beauty and romance, lending itself to delicate curls, loose low buns, side-swept locks, or even bouncy, full-bodied ponytails. In comparison, strapless gowns with straight across necklines are complemented by sleeker updos that suggest a more polished appearance.

V-Necks and Deep Sweethearts with Straps

V-necks and deep sweethearts neckline with embellished straps provide versatility in regards to hairstyle choice, allowing you to focus the decision on the overall style of the dress. For example, a V-neck with classic lace details will look just as stunning with cascading curls set in a romantic updo as it allows the accents to shine.

In comparison, a more modern or sleek mermaid gown with a deep sweetheart neckline will be flattered by a classic chignon, a high ponytail, or even a short, textured bob. Additionally, if there aren’t many embellishments, leaving hair down or in a half-updo can also work beautifully.

If your dress features a more boho vibe, then consider a fun braid crown or loose, natural waves depending on whether the material is unembellished on the bodice.

Off the Shoulder

An open off the shoulder gown inspires a sense of vintage romance with a hint of innocence. The design also draws attention to the collarbone and soft shoulders. When selecting a hairstyle, it is best to choose an option that will accomplish similar goals. For example, any hairstyle that falls right above the shoulders, such as a bob (or faux bob) will also highlight delicate collarbones. If the overall style of the gown leans towards the traditional or romantic side, then choose a hairdo that features curls or waves to continue the classically feminine look.

For those who prefer the control offered by an updo, consider a low, loose bun. That way you can maintain some volume in your hairstyle while still achieving a polished appearance. If you dream of having your hair down, consider a deep off-center part or a half-updo to achieve the best of both worlds.

High Neckline

Necklines that sit above the collarbone, such as a bateau neckline, lend themselves well to a sophisticated updo. Traditional French twists and chignons are an ideal choice as they expose the nape of the neck. Additionally, the hairstyles aren’t overly modern or intentionally disheveled, continuing the refined look associated with the higher neckline.

Similarly, high-collared wedding dresses essentially demand an updo, especially if the material is embellished. Not only will this expose the embellishments and fabric while the gown is being worn, but it also limits the risk of your hair becoming tangled in accents like beading.

One Shoulder and Asymmetrical

A one-shoulder dress or any design featuring an asymmetrical neckline is well-served by a counterbalancing asymmetrical hair style. For example, a loose side braid can complement softer styles while a tight, low bun offset from the center line can highlight a more modern gown.

If you would rather leave your hair down, consider a deeper side part to help bring balance to the neckline. Then, you can either choose curls or waves for a more romantic look or something sleeker, such as a blowout, for a more polished aesthetic.


An illusion neckline combines subtle embellishments with a romantic feel, making a half-updo an excellent choice to highlight the look and feel of the gown. The hairstyle can both draw attention to the neck while also maintaining a sense of gentleness.

However, if the illusion neck features only a simple mesh, feel free to select a hairstyle that works with the dress alone, as there is almost no “wrong” choice. Essentially, you get the freedom of a strapless gown when it comes to your hair even though the neckline is actually higher.

Advice for All Hairstyles

Regardless of your chosen dress or hairstyle, there are certain tips that apply in all situations. First, avoid dramatic changes to your hair, such as a new color or cut, right before your wedding. If it doesn’t come out how you imagined you might find yourself challenged to find a style you like once the change has been made. However, it is important to have your hair trimmed about two weeks before your wedding to make sure it is as healthy as possible, and get the color touched up then as well.

Additionally, consider deep conditioning a few weeks prior to the event to help revive dull hair and get it ready for any close-ups. You can also get a salon gloss done the week prior to the event, as long as you have had one before (so you know you aren’t allergic to the process), to help it truly shine.

In some cases, you may want to schedule a hair styling trial to make sure the look is truly what you want or if you need to explore other options. You’ll also want to have any hair accessories selected before the trial, so you can see how they will be incorporated or if you may need to seek out other options. Be sure you feel comfortable with the

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Guide To Finding the Right Hairstyle For Your Bridal Gown
Guide To Finding the Right Hairstyle For Your Bridal Gown
Guide To Finding the Right Hairstyle For Your Bridal Gown
Guide To Finding the Right Hairstyle For Your Bridal Gown


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