Guide To Mermaid Formal Dresses

February 9th, 2017 FOR A SPECIAL OCCASION

The mermaid dress features a classic design full of drama and undeniable style. It provides for a simple way for showing off curves without restricting your ability to enjoy your time on the dance floor. This makes the mermaid gown an excellent choice for prom as well as numerous other formal occasions’ one may need to attend.

What Defines a Mermaid Formal Gown?

A mermaid prom dress creates a very specific silhouette. These long dresses are fitted through the bodice, waist and over the hips. Once the dress hits a point just above the knee, the skirt flares dramatically, creating a figure that resembles classic ideas about the look of mermaids, which ultimately gave these formal gowns their name.

The style is designed to be very body conscious and flaunts classically feminine curves. And while most women can potentially wear a mermaid style with grace, some women may be uncomfortable with the revealing nature of the mermaid gown.

Ideal Body Types for Mermaid Gowns

Mermaid prom dresses are an ideal shape for women with balanced body shapes, including dramatic hourglass figures. Since the silhouette is designed to put a woman’s curves on clear display, having similar measurements at the bust and hip create emphasis those figures. It is also an excellent formal gown for those interested in emphasizing a small waist, which can even be highlighted further with the addition of a sash or belt.

Additionally, women who are average height or taller often find the cut more flattering off the rack. However, shorter women can also pull off the style with the assistance of a skilled tailor. The most common issue a shorter woman may experience is the flare occurring below the knee. When this occurs, it can make it appear as though the dress isn’t properly fitted and may produce a less flattering silhouette.

Pear shaped women may feel the style over emphasizes larger hips and thighs, while women with apple or rectangular shapes often find the cut brings extra attention to the waist and stomach. In either case, it might not be the ideal shape for those body types.

Different Mermaid Prom Dress Options

Mermaid gowns come in multiple styles. This allows you to select a prom dress that provides you with the look and feel that you prefer. You can find formal mermaid gowns featuring any traditional neckline including scoop, sweetheart, V-neck, or jewel. They can also be found in strapless styles as well as halters, off-shoulder, and Queen Anne designs.

The skirt can also be comprised of different materials. Mermaid prom dresses may have skirts made from satin, silk, taffeta, or tulle. They can also serve as foundations for lace, embroidery, appliques, or patterns. For additional drama, some women prefer mermaid dresses with layered skirts. These mermaid prom dresses has skirt with distinct tiers making up the flared portion. Often, this is a method for creating additional volume when using sleek materials.

Another popular style option for mermaid dresses are two-toned designs. A two-toned mermaid formal gown uses to distinct colors within the design. For example, the long dress may be predominantly deep sapphire with accents in gold or silver. Often, the accents are used on a significant section of the dress, but are meant to highlight instead of overpower the primary color. However, the two tones don’t have to be remarkably different at a distance. Instead, subtle combinations like champagne and gold can create a refined statement that is still striking.

Two-piece mermaid gowns are and additional option worth exploring. These long dresses are actually separate skirts and tops designed to complement each other and may even appear to be a single piece at a glance. This option can be ideal for women whose top and skirt sizes are different, as they can be purchased as coordinating separates instead of having to have significant tailoring done on a one-piece dress. Additionally, the tops can be purchased as crop tops, allowing a subtle amount of skin to show and creating a youthful appearance while still being formal and classic.

Choosing a Mermaid Prom Dress

Like other prom dress options, mermaid dresses can be found in almost any color imaginable. This means you can find a shade that flatters your figure, skin tone, hair color, eye color, or any other feature you desire. In some cases, a single style can be purchased in other colors than those found on store racks. So, if you locate a cut you love, but had a different color in mind, speak with a sales associate and see if others may be available.

If you have your heart set on a mermaid gown for prom, it is best to explore different cuts to determine your best silhouette. Some skirts feature additional flare and necklines can be chosen to balance the chest and the hips. By exploring the various materials and styles, you can find your ideal prom dress to highlight your figure in a way that makes you comfortable. Then, you can enjoy your magical evening in a dress that makes you feel amazing. So start looking for your perfect mermaid formal gowns today!

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