Winter Wedding Dresses – What to Wear When It Is Cold

July 7th, 2022 Wedding Ideas, Tips and Inspiration

Cold Weather Wedding Dresses – What to Wear When It Is Chilly

Holding a cold or snowy weather wedding gives you the opportunity to choose a wedding dress that is the epitome of elegance and drama. Cooler climates allow you to indulge in luxurious fabrics that may otherwise feel too heavy during other times of the year. 
Vintage lace, full skirts, long trains, and sophisticated sleeves all have their place in a formal winter or fall wedding. So, don’t shy away from fairy tale-worthy attire. Instead, embrace the flexibility that the brisk air provides and choose a dress that includes the ideal mix of understated and opulent.
To help you locate your perfect wedding dress for cold weather, here are some of the more popular designs and materials that are especially appropriate for a winter bride. 

Full Ball Gown Skirts

If you imagine walking down the aisle during your wedding day feeling like a princess, wearing a dress with a full ball gown skirt will share that inner feeling with the world. Ball gowns exude a classic elegance with a hint of regal flair. 

The layers of tulle necessary to create the full, sculptural look of a ball gown wedding dress skirt can provide additional comfort on cold winter days as it holds heat. Cooler weather can make these layered creations more comfortable to wear than during other times of the year.

Long Sleeve Wedding Dresses

Recently, there has been a resurgence of bridal gowns with sleeves. Whether your ideal cold weather wedding dress has boho inspired long sleeves, delicate cap sleeves, or anything in between, choosing additional coverage can help you remain comfortable in chilly weather while providing a feeling of grace and sophistication.

Additionally, the combination of a full skirt, high neckline, and intricate sleeves can be an ideal combination for a classic bride who prefers a more modest look that still conveys a sense of classic romance.

Flowing Trains

Many brides who choose to celebrate during a colder season intend to have the ceremony and reception indoors. One benefit of choosing to keep the festivities inside, besides alleviating any concerns about the weather, is the ability to have a long, flowing train.

Often, outdoor ceremonies present risks to a train’s delicate material that are nearly impossible to avoid. Contact with the ground may stain white and ivory fabrics, and debris can wreak havoc on lace, embroidery, sequins, and embellishments.

By choosing indoor locations, many of these risks are eliminated. This allows you to select a bold wedding dress with a cathedral train, creating a point of drama that few other styles can provide. And, for brides that have always imagined having a ceremony that makes them feel like royalty, having a lavish and ornate train may feel like an appropriate luxury.

For those looking for an updated look that portrays classic femininity and high-fashion, delicate ruffles can add softness to a fitted, embellished bodice. The layers of the skirt capture light like rolling, snowy hills, making an exquisite statement during the winter months as it gently flows down the aisle.

Vintage-Inspired Lace

Lace is a classic choice for winter wedding gowns as it pairs perfectly with a snowy setting. Its delicate nature carries with it a sense of romance and femininity, and vintage-inspired lace gowns can stand alone in their elegant simplicity or support additional adornment and unique flair.

Fits can also vary to suit your bridal style. Simple, elegant sheaths create a timeless feel while fit and flare gowns produce silhouettes reminiscent of old Hollywood. Sheer lace trains can feel as glamorous as they do innocent, while updated necklines can give a classic cut a touch of modern feel. 

Classic Satins

Both satin and crepe-back satin make lovely choices for a chilly wedding day. Often, satin can feel heavy during warmer months of the year, but that level of richness is perfect for the time of year when snowfall is common. The material can serve as its own embellishment as it catches the light or can serve as a backdrop for beading and appliques.

A satin skirt can be combined with a lace bodice, or a full satin gown can feature lace sleeves and overlays, allowing you to combine two classic looks into one stunning winter wedding dress. 

Satin’s structure also allows it to be combined with a bolero jacket, cashmere scarf, or faux fur wrap, creating a refined, formal appearance with the flexibility to add or remove the wrap as the festivities progress.

Other Tips for a Cold Weather Wedding

Care, Climate Control and Venue Selection

Just as your warm wedding dress can make you more comfortable during colder weather, it is important to consider the comfort of those around you as well. Make sure to select a venue that has available storage for coats and even shoes. If there is deep snow on the ground, some wedding guests may prefer to wait until they are at the venue before putting on delicate high heels, so see if there is a place they can discreetly store heavier boots if they might be changing after arriving.

Additionally, make sure you have access to climate control, especially if your ceremony and reception are in the same space. Even if an event starts out chilly inside, leading you to turn up the heat, once everyone hits the dance floor, the space may heat up. And, while you don’t want any to freeze during your wedding, you don’t want them to overheat either.

Similarly, do your best to set up your receiving line in a space where everyone can be comfortable indoors, as you wouldn’t want your guests to feel stuck outside while they wait their turn to congratulate you.

Creating a Winter Wonderland

Winter also provides additional options regarding décor that can complement the feel of your winter wedding dress. Having the primary colors of the wedding be shades of white or ivory, only highlighted with metal toned accents, creates a feeling of snow and ice, while combining a shade of white and black creates a feeling that is as classic as it is distinct.

Additionally, for those who love the romance of gently twinkling lights, winter wedding décor welcomes hints of light as a design element all its own. Since the days are shorter this time of year, using light as a feature feels especially appropriate when paired with simple colors, creating a minimalist feeling of starlight and snowflakes.

Glass and crystal also work well when your goal is to choose décor to create a full winter wonderland. The items are placed against black, white, or tones of silver as easily as they can be combined with natural wood tones, making them ideal selections for everything from the most formal black tie affair to those preferring a more rustic approach.

Find Your Perfect Wedding Dress for Cold Weather

Weddings during cold and snowy seasons have the ability to be thoroughly elegant in their simplicity in a way that is hard to capture during other times of the year. Take advantage of the natural beauty that simplicity can offer, and you may be surprised how polished your big day can feel. So don't wait! Find a retailer near you and make your appointment to start your search for your dream winter wedding dress today!

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