5 Things To Consider Before Choosing Your Wedding Venue

March 23rd, 2016 Wedding Ideas, Tips and Inspiration

You are engaged and as your making the rounds announcing your engagement and you are getting bombarded with questions. When are you getting married? Where are you getting married? How many guests will be at the wedding? 

Don't panic! All of these questions can be easily answered once you pick your venue. The venue's availability and venue capacity will help determine the season you get married in as well as how many guests you can invite. So before putting down that deposit here are five things to to consider before selecting your dream wedding venue.

1) Availability If want to get married at a certain time of the year then be sure to ask about availability on your target date before falling too much in love. You don't want to be heartbroken after falling in love and visiting a venue that isn't a viable option. So have a couple of dates you would like to check on so you can see if any are available.  

2) Budget The reason why you have a budget is so that you can plan and have a plan for the money you will be spending. You might get swept up in the moment and start spending a little more on the venue, a little more on the cake, and a little more on the food and liquor, but in the end they all add up. Make sure when determining the budget for the venue you factor in the details like if you need outside catering, transportation, decorations, and rental costs. These small details will add up and what may start out looking like an affordable venue option can turn into an out of this world price.

3) Logistics Your wedding day will be hectic. You want to make sure that everything is easy for you and your guests. An important factor to consider is the details. Is this venue big enough to hold your guest count? Usually you won't have to turn in final guest count until 2 weeks before the wedding, but you should already have a rough idea of how many people you will be inviting. Whether you are planning on having 50, 100, or 150+ guests at your wedding make sure your venue can accommodate your guests. Nobody wants to be seated all the way in the corner or separate from the other guests. So be sure the venue can accommodate your anticipated guest count. Consider day of wedding factors such as traffic to your location and parking. If you are getting married in an area that has heavy traffic during your ceremony time be sure to provide guests with preferred directions and parking so they will be able to navigate to your location on the wedding day. Also, be sure to ask to see if the venue has pictures of the time of season you plan on getting married in. Yes, the pictures the venue posted on their website are gorgeous, but were they taken during the Spring and Summer? If you are planning on getting married in the Fall or Winter what will the space look like. Will it still have the beautiful landscape and flowers you loved in the pictures you saw online? This might change the way you plan on decorating your space and factor into the budget for decorations. 

4) Service you should find out if your venue is full service or not full service. A full service wedding venue has you covered from tables, chairs, linen rentals, to catering while on the flip side a non-full service venue is usually a blank space and you get to select the rest. If your venue is not full service be sure ask if you are required to work with certain vendors or you can get a list of preferred vendors that have worked in that space. You want to also be able to find vendors that can work within your budget and who are also familiar with the space. 

5) Wedding Style A sleek rooftop city wedding, a romantic garden botanical wedding, or a rustic barn venue all sound great, but which venue fits your personal style? Deciding what venue fits your style will help to cut down costs on decoration and reflect your personal style and make the venue feel like your own. 

Before handing over that deposit don't be afraid to ask questions, and ask a lot of them. You want to make sure that you feel comfortable and know what to expect on our big day. Be sure that you book your venue location you read and re-read your contract to see if there are any "hidden" fees and the timeline of when you need to make decisions on catering and final head count. If you have chosen your wedding coordinator have them also look over your venue contract to see if there is anything you need to add or take out in the contract. They can also let you know if they have experience working at your preferred venue which will help you the day of because they are familiar with the layout and location.

Now that you have found your venue you need to find the perfect wedding gown for your venue. Start your search for beautiful wedding dresses here! 

5 Things To Consider Before Choosing Your Wedding Venue
5 Things To Consider Before Choosing Your Wedding Venue
5 Things To Consider Before Choosing Your Wedding Venue


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