Etiquette Tips For The Perfect Wedding Registry

December 29th, 2016 Wedding Ideas, Tips and Inspiration

Before you run to the store with your fiancé and try to beat each other on how many items you can find for your registry, Val Stefani would like to share with you seven helpful steps to take before you make such a commitment. 

1. Avoid not registering or waiting too long
Your guests are extremely excited to share this special moment with you and trust us when we say that they are fiercely looking for that wedding registry. As much as you want to avoid receiving zebra stripped shower curtains, your guests want to gift you with a meaningful and useful gift. Do give your guests enough time to find the perfect gift for you and your fiancé by setting up your registry soon after you have announced your engagement. 

2. Take inventory of everything you and your fiancé already own
Taking the time to take inventory of everything you and your fiancé already have is extremely useful when setting up your wedding registry, because you avoid receiving items that will only end up in storage. This will allow you to receive items you truly desire and have been seeking. 

3. Have a price range for your registry
You should take note that your guests may want to purchase two wedding gifts for you; one for your bridal shower and one for your wedding day. Be sure to have a range of prices for your desired gifts, so your guests do not feel obligated to buy a $300 set of pans. You will also want to add more items onto your registry than invited guests, so they have a greater chance of gifting you with something they favor as well. 

4. Put your registry on your wedding website
It is proper etiquette to avoid noting your registered locations on any printed invitations and it is more acceptable to place them on your wedding website. Your website will provide your guests with more details that were not included on your invitation, but still are important for your special day. 

5. Keep your registry updated
Your guests will be purchasing gifts for you and your fiancé at their convenience throughout your entire engagement, so it is recommended to keep your registry updated. You may want to add certain items you thought about after you left the store or simply want more of.

6. Register at various locations 
Be sure not to register at solely one location. You want to provide your guests with the option of purchasing something for your living room or for your future travels, so be sure to pick about 2-3 stores when setting up your registry. You will also want to pick stores with different price points in their items, so your guests spend the amount they feel comfortable with. 

7. Feel free to request nontraditional items 
Have fun! If you want to add a tent to your wedding registry because you and your fiancé love the outdoors then by all means add it. Just because it is tradition to receive a new set of pans or bedding does not mean that you should avoid items you would truly love.

Bride and groom, you have taken the time to read through all seven steps and are now ready for the perfect wedding registry, so breathe, point and scan! 

Etiquette Tips For The Perfect Wedding Registry
Etiquette Tips For The Perfect Wedding Registry


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