Etiquette For Announcing Your Engagement

Wednesday, November 18th, 2015 Wedding Ideas, Tips and Inspiration

Congratulations on your recent engagement! This is a special time between you and your fiancé and now it is time to share this special moment with your family members and close friends. In the midst of all of this excitement it is important to formally announce your engagement to your family members and close friends in the appropriate order so as to make your journey to your wedding day an enjoyable experience.  Unsure on who to announce your engagement to first? Here are a few tips on who to tell first and how to share this uniting news with your loved ones.

1. Parents and Children

It is traditional engagement etiquette to begin with announcing your engagement to your parents and if possible to tell them in person. If they do not live nearby then FaceTime, Skype, or telephone would be the next best option.Your parents have been by your side since the day you were born and this a time in your life they will not want to miss out on. If children from previous marriages are involved in this special time it is important to announce the engagement to them before your parents and recommended to do so alone. This will allow your children to express themselves honestly and make them feel more included.

2. Immediate Friends and Family

Once the news has been shared with your parents and children it is time to share your happiness with your immediate friends and family. If not possible to announce your engagement in person the next most personal and immediate way would be by telephone. Although you are full of excitement, it is not always desirable to drive all over town to make your announcement and this is where you need to decide on who to call. Make a list of the immediate friends and family you would like to call by simply asking yourself if they would be hurt on not hearing the news from you personally and if yes, then give them a call! 

3. Email

If you feel that you still have many friends and family to share the news with after making your desired phone calls and visits you may opt for a quicker and easier approach through email. This approach is great for friends and family whom you normally communicate with via email or to those who don’t live close by. In addition, you may share a link to your wedding website so that your friends and family may stay updated on your wedding planning.

4. Social Media

Now that your big announcement has been shared with your family and close friends it is time to share this special moment with your online acquaintances through Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. It is important to note that before clicking “share” you should be sure to have formally announced your engagement to those you feel deserve a more personal delivery. Once you have selected the perfect picture showing the love between you and your fiancé do not forget to include your wedding hashtag to add this moment to your collection of wedding snapshots.

5. Engagement Party

Finally, the time has come to personally share this special announcement with your family and close friends all together at your engagement party. Be sure to note that everyone who is invited to your engagement party should also be invited to the wedding. An engagement party is optional and can be as casual as a backyard barbeque, but if you decide to use this time to announce your engagement be sure to think of a creative cover up for the reason of this gathering.

Once you have formally announced your engagement to your family and close members and have taken the time to celebrate together it is time to send out your save the date announcement through the mail. This will allow your family and close friends to become reminded of this special announcement between you and your fiancé and give them enough notice to save the day to celebrate with you. 
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