Cottagecore Wedding - Dress, Decor & Venue Ideas

December 17th, 2021 Wedding Ideas, Tips and Inspiration

Planning a Cottagecore Theme Wedding - Dresses, Decor & More

If you love all things quaint and whimsical, you're probably delighted by the recent proliferation of simple, rural images on your Instagram page. Known as cottagecore, this trend represents a much-needed return to the natural elements so often left behind in our digital world.

The iconic cottagecore look incorporates flowers, vines, or pinecones alongside dainty features.

This aesthetic is prominent not only on social media, but also, in fashion and interior design. It's even made its way into the high school crowd, with whimsical details taking over today's prom dresses. It should come as no surprise, then, that this look is having a moment among brides-to-be.

There's a lot to love about the idea of a cottagecore wedding theme. Simplicity is the name of the game, so this approach does away with some of the formalities that not all brides care for. In its place: charming styles that are simultaneously laid-back and elegant.

As cottagecore's evocative name implies, the goal is to emulate the rustic, whimsical feel of a cottage or farmhouse. This can be accomplished without entirely forgoing sophisticated wedding plans — we'll show you how below: 

Cottagecore Wedding Dresses

Many brides struggle to reconcile the simplicity of this movement with the glamor of their favorite wedding gowns. In reality, however, it's possible to integrate the lighthearted vibes of the trend with popular details such as appliques, Chantilly lace, or even sparkly gems.

To demonstrate the versatility of the cottagecore bridal dress, we've highlighted a few excellent examples from our Simply Val Stefani collection. 


This ethereal mermaid gown has serious boho vibes but can also bring plenty of whimsy to a cottagecore wedding. Its mermaid silhouette delivers subtle sensuality, while a floral and vine pattern provides a nod to nature's most beautiful designs. Playful detachable butterfly sleeves feature intricate lace applique flowers, which can also be found on the bodice. 


Floral details abound on this Grecian-inspired wedding dress. Lace appliques are situated along the deep V-neck and the cinched waist. These details are even more stunning at the back of the gown, where eye-catching flowers eventually give way to luxurious layers of tulle. The end result? An exquisite goddess look perfect for an outdoor wedding. 


Chantilly lace is a wonderful option for gowns of this style. It's used to great effect on the Cordella, which stands out with sheer long sleeves and a stunning chapel train. Sequins provide a welcome bit of shimmer, while lace appliques add to the floral appeal. If you want to feel like a cottagecore princess on your big day, the Cordella should be a top candidate. 


This fairytale gown draws inspiration from delightful woodland settings. The flattering A-line silhouette makes generous use of tulle, with both the train and skirt featuring subtle vine-inspired appliques. Additional appliques can be found at the waist, while lace completely takes over at the bodice. An especially magical touch can be seen in the cold shoulder sleeves, which make this already bohemian inspired dress that much more romantic. 


This style doesn't need to be an exclusively woodland or garden-based concept. This trend also works for a beach wedding, as seen with the carefree Laguna gown. This radiant style is accented by an abundance of gems and crystals, plus re-embroidered lace appliques that bring delicate floral to the dress. The sensual sweetheart neckline is offset by a graceful A-line skirt. Most notable of all: the low illusion keyhole back, which will instantly help any bride stand out. 


Straight out of a story, this dreamy boho wedding dress will bring an extra dose of romance to the altar. Its rustic details should appeal greatly to any aspiring cottagecore bride, or even those going for a Bridgerton inspired look, who will appreciate the floral lace and the sweep train. Sheer sleeves lend the Alora dress a carefree feel, while sequins provide the perfect amount of shine. The final effect is truly breathtaking.

Venue Ideas

Venue selection can make all the difference when planning a cottagecore wedding. Ideally, the selected space will be quaint and cozy. When possible, it should integrate natural elements. This can be accomplished by planning a garden wedding or by finding a rustic indoor setting.

Don't think of your preferences as a limitation on venue styles, but rather, as an opportunity to get creative. Fun ideas that fit wonderfully into the cottagecore theme include:

  • Botanical gardens

  • Nature centers

  • Apple orchards

  • Pumpkin patches

  • Historic manors

  • Chic farmhouses

  • Bed and breakfast hotels 

Cottagecore Wedding Decor Ideas

Don't worry if you're unable to secure your dream venue; even a seemingly drab space can feel cozy if you select the right decor. How you accomplish this will depend, in part, on whether you tie the knot inside or in the great outdoors. The scope of your wedding also matters; are you planning a small dinner after an elopement or a grand outdoor event?

Smaller is typically better, as this concept is all about intimacy. That being said, it's possible to integrate cottagecore details into a larger event.

With an indoor venue, achieving a cottagecore style may take a bit more effort — especially if your venue doesn't seem particularly charming at first glance. When possible, opt for natural elements that bring the outside in. Floral designs are absolutely essential, particularly for a summer wedding. Typically, this means highlighting an abundance of wildflowers in bouquets, table centerpieces, or grand wedding arches.

Don't forget about lighting. This can make a world of difference for an indoor wedding. Natural lighting is always the first choice, but if it's not abundant, a soft glow should also do the trick. Avoid harsh lighting, which is not only unflattering, but also, the antithesis of all things cottagecore. For an outdoor wedding, use fairy lights during the evening to deliver romantic vibes.

During the reception, consider seating guests at rustic or farmhouse tables featuring handcrafted linens with soft colors or floral details. Handmade details could also include quaint candles or rustic chic pedestals as centerpieces. Simplicity is preferred for tableware; ceramic plates, for example, may feature subtle flowers or vines.

Above all else, avoid a cluttered look. As long as the space is soft and cozy, minimalist design principles should dominate. A few intricate details here and there can amplify the effect, but excess will instantly defy the simplicity of this lovely bridal look.

Final Takeaways

Cottagecore definitely isn't for everyone, but this charming style provides plenty to love for any bride who wants to feel as if they’re entering the pages of a fairytale. Dress selection just might prove the easiest aspect of planning your wedding day; look to the Simply Val Stefani line for a wealth of beautiful options.

From lace wedding dresses to tulle skirts and beaded bodices, we offer something for everyone. Whether you favor flowy or fitted bridal gowns, you'll adore our vast range of cottagecore and bohemian styles.

If you're ready to take the next step, feel free to get in touch with one of our authorized retailers. These experienced consultants would love nothing more than to make your vision a reality as you say "I do." Reach out today to learn more about our bridal gowns.

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