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February 3rd, 2022 Wedding Ideas, Tips and Inspiration

Regencycore Inspired Wedding Ideas - Dresses & Decor

Cottagecore is a big deal right now, to the point that it has made the leap from a bucolic TikTok fantasy to an influential runway and retail trend. Just as we've become accustomed to whimsical aesthetics, however, a new look promises to push the country dream to the side: regencycore.

Inspired, in large part, by period pieces such as the Netflix phenomenon Bridgerton, regencycore trades the simplicity of its cottage-oriented predecessor for a more regal look, inspired by a specific time during the 19th century known as the regency era.

Regencycore is a big deal on the runway and in street fashion, but its greatest promise lies in wedding planning. Its sophisticated, larger-than-life approach lends itself wonderfully to elegant ceremonies and receptions, allowing brides to live out their princess fantasies in the most elegant manner possible. Pulling off this style can be surprisingly tricky, however, as there's a fine line between regal and gaudy. We explore this dichotomy in detail below: 

Regencycore Wedding Dresses

The princess aesthetic has long been desirable among all types of brides, but this style gets an extra dose of sophistication when the regencycore fashion trend takes over. Empire-waist dresses are a staple, as are puff sleeves, corsets and even elbow-length gloves. Organza is an iconic regency material, but lace is also desirable.

While elegant ball gowns from shows such as Bridgerton come to mind, it's possible to integrate this style into a look without having it completely take over. Accessories can make a world of difference, so don't hesitate to wear elbow-length gloves or an intricate hair pin or headband. You can also level up your bridal look with these beautiful dresses from Simply Val Stefani: 

Liberty: S2205

Interested in combining the best elements of regencycore and cottagecore into a single trend-forward gown? Look no further than the Liberty dress, which captures boho vibes with its leafy and floral lace appliques but also exemplifies regencycore style with its detachable puffed sleeves. This mermaid gown is both carefree and sensual, making it the perfect design for any bride who wants it all.


Floria: D8275

Achieve a poised, yet romantic look with the captivating Floria gown. Straight out of a fairytale, this royal number makes its mark with long illusion sleeves, a square neckline, and lavish embellishments throughout. Layers of tulle give the skirt the full look you'd expect from a princess dress, while the chapel train and deep scoop back ensure that you'll look breathtaking from every angle. The floral lace appliques are downright breathtaking, especially in the Floria gown's captivating ivory color. 

Alora: S2161

Another boho style that proves it's possible to combine carefree and elegant ideals, this gorgeous A-line gown adds hints of this style with its bishop sleeves and sweep train. This is a bit more sultry than your 'typical' regencycore look, however, as it includes a deep V-neckline and a plunging illusion inset. 

Ryder: S2206

Bringing regencycore to a woodland setting, this lovely dress captures royal vibes with its beaded straps and bishop sleeves. It may seem understated as compared to others of this style, but that's exactly what makes it so appealing to so many brides. If you like the idea of playing with some elements of regencycore but aren't ready to completely commit to a royal look, this style is for you. The silhouette is flattering and will have you feeling confident on your big day. 

Harmony: D8276

If you adore mermaid dresses but would also like to add some royal flair to the mix, you can't go wrong with the Harmony dress. This gown's most memorable feature is easily its see-through cathedral train, which will have jaws dropping as you make your way down the aisle. Its illusion keyhole back is also sure to grab attention.

Styles for Grooms

As exciting as these aesthetics can be for brides to explore, they're also promising among grooms. Typically, grooms have limited options available for expressing their personality and sense of style. Regencycore throws caution to the wind, encouraging men to embrace intricate designs that rival wedding gowns in terms of creativity.

For a bold look, try a ruffled shirt. Subtle designs are available, but don't be afraid to go all out to match the bride's level of embellishment. Accessories can also make a world of difference, even if you stick with a more conventional tux or suit. Boots, for example, are all the rage in Bridgerton-inspired fashion. 

Regencycore Wedding Decor Ideas

Whether you dream of a regencycore dress or prefer something a bit more contemporary, you can easily integrate elements of this trend into your wedding decor. This style is more versatile than you might assume, particularly for indoor venues that don't lend themselves well to cottagecore ideals.

Virtually any space can be leveled up into a regencycore dreamscape, so long as you invest in the right decorations. Key considerations include: 

Color Schemes

Indulge in jewel tones and other rich colors to create a vibrant look for your wedding. These can be heavily featured or integrated more subtly with pops of color in the most impactful locations. Pastel colors such as pale pink are also heavily featured in period dramas such as Bridgerton. Other prominent colors from the regency era include ivory and slate, which work well if you envision heavier use of neutrals for your wedding. 

Antique Chairs and Tables

Regardless of your preferred palette, antique details are essential. Form the basis of this old world look with beautiful chairs and tables, which are currently having a moment. Look for rich mahogany or other dark hardwoods. Brass inlays also work wonders, as can vibrant upholstery. No matter which style you choose, exceptional craftsmanship must be on display. 

Antique Mirrors

Don't limit antique visuals to tables and chairs. Mirrors amplify the effect, while also adding intriguing options for photographers. The more gilded these mirrors are, the better. Intricate carvings add plenty of allure. When possible, match these mirrors to your antique tables or chairs to form a cohesive look. 

Chandelier-Style Lighting

Lighting plays heavily into the regencycore concept. You won't necessarily have full control over this, but it's worth considering as you select your venue. When possible, opt for a location with a gorgeous chandelier. Candles also played a key role in lighting during the regency era, so don't hesitate to incorporate them in your wedding.

Final Takeaways

If you dream of saying "I do" in a royal setting, make the most of this trend. From jewel tones to antique mirrors, there is no shortage of options for lending your big day a regal look. There are many ways to add hints of the regencycore style to your wedding dress, as well.

Ready to find the perfect gown? Or do you have a different aesthetic in mind? Either way, you'll find a wealth of options as you browse the Simply Val Stefani collection and Val Stefani collection. Look to our authorized retailers to help you find a dress you adore.
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