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Sequel Wedding Trends: From How to Plan to What to Wear 

When planning your wedding, having to reschedule or cancel your special day was probably something you never thought you would have to consider. Months of planning seem to be thrown out the window for many couples when the coronavirus pandemic hit. It shifted and altered so many wedding plans for engaged couples and undoubtedly skewed the wedding world itself. 

But if there is one silver lining to this unexpected circumstance is the result of a sequel wedding. According to Brides, a sequel wedding is “essentially a second ceremony and wedding celebration that takes place after a much smaller or micro wedding on or close to a couple’s originally intended wedding date.” Normally, having a second wedding could sound extra, but for those couples whose plans suddenly changed, it only seems like a great alternative option. 

Who Should Consider Having A Sequel Wedding? 

There are many things to consider when having a sequel wedding. First off, who should consider having one? For couples that have postponed their wedding indefinitely and are deciding if they should tie the knot sooner rather than later, we recommend having a micro wedding now and a sequel wedding later on. Whether you’re celebrating your special moment virtually or planning an intimate ceremony with just close loved ones, it can take off some stress of being able to marry your soul mate as originally planned. And on the plus side, planning for a sequel wedding will give you something to look forward to. 

How To Plan A Sequel Wedding

Luckily, when it comes to the stress of postponing your wedding celebration, you’re not alone. If you’ve already booked vendors, paid deposits, or even hired a wedding planner, it’s more than likely that they’ll understand the circumstances of your situation. 

Reach Out To Your Vendors 

Begin planning your sequel wedding by connecting with your vendors and seeing if it’s possible to postpone your rentals to a future date. They’re more than likely to be flexible during this time as you are more than likely not the only one experiencing a change in plans. Be sure to ask about any postponement policies or if you’re able to transfer deposits to a later date, that way you won’t have to worry about losing any money you’ve already put down. We do advise to get in touch with the most valuable vendors first such as your wedding planner, venue, photographer and band. If you use any of these vendors for your micro wedding, see if they’re also able to give you a better price or deal for your future celebration. 

Let Your Guests Know 

Once you’ve gotten your vendors organized, it’s time to notify your guests. This is a crucial step in planning your sequel wedding. Your new guest list may include those that attended your micro wedding, and those of extending family and friends. Deciding who is going to be in attendance is important as some family members may be wary of attending multiple events. That’s why it’s important to notify your guests as soon as you commit to a future date. Keep your guests in the loop of your plans that way there is a clear communication of upcoming events and of what expectations will be for your special day. A great way to notify them could be a save the date card. It could be uneasy sending multiple invitations, but your guests are more than likely to be understanding. If you’re looking for ideas on how to announce your sequel wedding, consider witty phrases such as “We Will Party Harder Once This Quarantine Ends” or “OK, New Plan” or “We Can’t Say ‘I do’ 6 Feet Apart!” These catchy save the date card ideas will not only look great but also add a touch of light-heartedness, making you and your guests feel a little more at ease during this time. 

How Will Your Sequel Wedding Differ? 

It’s important to distinguish what will be different at your sequel wedding compared to your microwedding. Will you be reciting your vows? Will you be using a different officiant? Will there be a theme? These are some things to consider when planning. 

Your ceremony is one of the more important factors to decide on first. Think about if you and your partner are planning on reciting your vows or if you’ll be writing new ones. Re-writing your vows could be fun and fresh but there’s also no going wrong with reciting your previous vows as well. After all, who wouldn’t want to relive the moment they got to marry their soul mate? If you want to keep the memory of your micro wedding ceremony private and intimate though, we recommend only hosting a reception. Whether it be planning a backyard wedding or throwing an epic dance party, it might just be what you need after all the stress of planning, rescheduling or postponing. This will take off some pressure of also re-planning an entire wedding day, allowing you to just focus on celebrating your love. 

What To Wear At Your Sequel Wedding 

Whether you hosted an intimate ceremony or a virtual zoom celebration, it’s possible that you may have felt a bit excessive wearing a grand wedding dress for a smaller celebration. Now that a sequel wedding is in the works, thinking about what you’ll wear is undoubtedly on top of your mind. Do you still go with the gown that you purchased months ago? Or do you splurge on a new more lavish wedding dress?

Glamorous Sequel Wedding Dresses

The pandemic resulted in many brides opting for casual or simple pieces, therefore letting them save for a more extravagant gown and time to find the perfect dress. Although you are dressing for a second occasion, it doesn’t mean you need to be casual. Val Stefani Style Carmen is a ornate floral lace mermaid bridal gown with swag sleeves that makes for the most glamorous wedding day look. Brides that had to opt for a more casual style for their minimony will fall in love with its decadent re-embroidered lace appliques with sequins and crystal specialty beading details all along the gown. Not to mention the dramatic illusion semi-cathedral train that flows effortlessly behind each step you take. This gown will undoubtedly make you feel just as special as your intimate micro ceremony did. If you’re looking for something with a little more flow and room, Val Stefani Style Violetta is a match made in heaven. This full A-line wedding dress features a shimmering sparkle tulle cascade skirt and re-embroidered beaded lace appliques with sequins that will have all eyes on you. Especially for the bride planning for an outdoor venue, the shimmering details will sparkle indefinitely, making you the star of the night. 

Minimalist Sequel Bridal Gowns

Want something a little more minimal? Style Zelda from Simply Val Stefani is a sequin beaded mermaid wedding dress that features a square neckline with straps and a sexy deep illusion scoop back. Decorated along the gown are romantic embroidered net details with sequins and a short chapel train finish that perfectly match an outdoor casual sequel wedding. Brides planning for a more laidback celebration will love how this gown includes just enough traditional bridal detailing, but also has a relaxed vibe. For our brides planning an epic dance party, consider something with a little more flow. Simply Val Stefani Style Odella is a romantic A-line wedding dress with a tulle skirt that was made for dancing. This twirl worthy gown includes a chantilly lace underlay, making it both elegant and romantic. Because this night might call for a little more social interaction with your guests, you’ll want a dress that makes you feel your best- especially with comfort. The lightweight skirt and sleeveless style gives you a little more comfort and allows for you to greet all your guests freely without any restrictions. 

Next Steps

At the end of the day, it’s important to remember that this is your special day. Through the stress of planning, postponing and all the above, remember that marrying your soul mate is the most important thing. Ready to find your sequel wedding dress? Find your local Val Stefani retailer and get ready to celebrate. 



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