April 6th, 2020 Wedding Ideas, Tips and Inspiration

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Celebrating special life moments with loved ones in person might have come to a halt, but there are still new ways to rejoice these important times in life. 

As announced from the CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention), gatherings larger than 10 are prohibited at this time and a 6 foot distance of social distancing is mandatory. This puts many events at a complete halt or postponed. 

Milestone events like graduation and prom, are leaving kids around the country heartbroken as they were looking forward to celebrating their last semester in school before embarking on a new journey. On the other hand, brides are also postponing their wedding day or honeymoons, causing some new obstacles while planning their wedding events.

During this uncertain time, individuals are now rethinking how to celebrate these important life moments with their friends and family still present. With the power of the technology, live video calls are now serving as a format to celebrate these wonderful life moments. From Group FaceTime, Zoom, Instagram Live, and more, here is a guide on how to celebrate these important life moments with your loved ones while practicing social distancing. 


When it comes to high school, Prom is a right of passage for many high school students. It is a long tradition of celebrating the last moments of high school with your closest friends, getting dressed up, and dancing all night long. 

With many schools closed down early or mid semester, schools have been canceling all events that mostly took place towards the end of the school year. Students look forward to this event and many have their gowns and tuxedos picked months in advance. An alternative to prom is now trending with many high schoolers planning a virtual prom so kids can still have an unforgettable night with their closest friends. Many seniors across the country are trying out different platforms to see which one can work best. Some students are already planning their own huge Group FaceTime or Tik Tok prom where they will dress up in their prom dresses and their dates will wear their tuxes and be their own DJ’s and have a party. These moments will lift your spirits and help to add some fun into your routine and you will still be able to celebrate this special event before parting ways with one another. 

Get creative!  It’s a perfect silver lining that students all across the country are able to do. With social distancing, this is a great alternative for re-creating their special night. 


Another celebration event that has been changed by Covid-19 are 2020 weddings around the world. For brides that have planned for months on end, their Spring and early Summer wedding day now needs to be pushed back and postponed. This is a devastating setback as many couples on average spend 200 to 300 hours planning their weddings. We’ve listed below how brides are still getting married amid social restrictions.

Venues, photographers, caters may have been rescheduled, but love doesn’t have to be. 

Couples around the world are now getting hitched via live streaming through either FaceTime and Zoom. Some couples have even taken to streaming your wedding on social media using Facebook or Instagram Live to celebrate their special day. We feel inspired by all the couples tying the knot on their wedding days as planned with scaled back affairs and focusing on showcasing their love for a day and having “guests” attend online. Get married in your backyard or in your living room and share and plan for a reception later on. There is nothing worse than being in an uncertain state of mind during a time when joy, and happiness should be your main priority. The hashtag #loveinthetimeofcoronavirus is trending couples know that they are not alone and that their love can still be celebrated and shared while still keeping in line while putting your health and your guests as a priority. 

Couple’s are even celebrating their “I Do’s” with their guests to all take a selfie while toasting! Still incorporate those special wedding moments you want- a vow ceremony, cake cutting, and toasts to really replicate your big day! You can have the maid of honor and best man introduce themselves and make speeches. Though everyone might not physically be there, the love and connection is still there. Your guests will also love having a nice event to look forward to. 

With the latest events occurring around the world, it’s important to remain positive and knowledgeable. Celebrations and important life events will not be canceled, but rather just celebrated in a different way. You can still have these milestone moments with your loved ones there. And during these difficult times, it’s important that we support one another to get through this together. 

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