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A bridal shower is a monumental event that a bride looks forward to the moment she begins planning her wedding. It serves as a special celebration event for the bride before she embarks on a new chapter of her life with her closest friends and family next to her. With gatherings on hold due to social distancing still being implemented by the CDC, brides are devastated to not be able to share in this time celebration .

Bride to be’s rejoice! Virtual gatherings are trendy and the next best way to celebrate with your friends and family. Virtual showers and bachelorette parties can be just as fun and interactive. From decorative invitations, to fun shower games, themed decorations, spa nights, a cocktail hour and more, we’ve gathered some of our favorite ways to throw the best virtual wedding shower! Follow us along as we guide you on how to make your dream wedding shower come true, virtually!

Save the Dates and Decor

First things first, let your guests know that plans have changed. A fun way to maintain the tradition of wedding showers is to send physical invitations in the mail to your guests. You can include the date, time, and video link as the location. Have them RSVP in advance to know how many people to expect on the call. Guests will love the authenticity of the physical invites. Next, consider if you want to have a themed shower and if so, decide if you’re planning on asking your guests to dress accordingly. For example, if you’re having an interactive virtual cooking class with your wedding party, be sure to address the proper attire for guests to wear. Or perhaps you’re planning a cocktail party, have your guests dress up in cocktail wear. With everyone unified even only in attire, this will make the party atmosphere come to life!

Take your decor to the next level, and create a custom zoom background with anything your heart desires! From endless colors, to graphics, and or even uploading your own personal image, create one to send to your guests to use as their background as well. With the identical backgrounds, it can appear that everyone is in the same room. You can also customize a personal Snapchat filter for your guests to be able to use on the day of the shower. Brides will not only feel special but love how this little addition was made just for them and for this day.

To go above and beyond, you or the host of the party can also send out matching shirts for the bridal party to wear.  It can include identical shirts and hats, and a custom sash for the bride to wear during the video call! The bride will love this gesture, especially if she was looking forward to this detail to share with her bridesmaids during her shower.

Virtual Bridal Shower Activities

For those brides that had to cancel getaways, private activities, or reserved activities for their wedding shower, we’ve come up with some alternative ways to still have fun events that you have been looking forward to since planning this special day.

  1. Virtual Wedding Dress Shopping

The process of wedding dress shopping can still continue virtually! Some stores are now offering virtual wedding dress shopping and have displayed dress styles they have in store on their website, letting brides view which style catches her eye, all while in the comfort of her own home. Virtual appointments are also available at some retail stores. Find your local bridal boutique and book a virtual appointment with a consultant and have your bridesmaids present as you choose top styles to view. You can include the consultant into your conference call, helping you guide you to find your dream gown with your loved ones present.

  1. Wine and Paint Night

For the bride that wants something relaxed and casual, she can host a wine and paint party . Choose an image you’d like to send to your guests to paint together. Or if you want, choose a theme and have guests select an image themselves relating to the chosen theme to paint. Now comes the fun part- sending an art kit that includes paint colors, palettes, canvases, brushes, and a bottle of wine of your choice! Your guests can sip their bubbly drink in one hand while painting in the other! This is easy to recreate and is still interactive!

  • Virtual Fitness Class

If you’re wanting a physical activity to enjoy then a virtual fitness class might just be for you. Whether you’re a fan of Crossfit, Zumba, or Pilates, invite your guests into a class for a virtual workout session. Find an online fitness class for you and your besties to enjoy with one another. You can even take it further and search for an online instructor that can schedule a virtual private session just for you and your bridesmaids for an unforgettable class, made just for your special bridal shower!

  • Spa Night

A spa day filled with relaxation with our besties?! Sign us up!  We love this idea for the bride that wants to create an in-home spa day filled with self-pampering, face masks, mani/ pedis, and everything relaxing. Guests can put on their coziest attire so they can feel relaxed and as if they’re at an actual spa. Send out gift boxes with spa amendments that can include robes, nail polish, face masks, candles, aroma scents, and more to make an in-home spa! Pamper yourself with the most lavish spa amenities to ensure you have the bridal shower you deserve!

  • Questionnaire Games

Include a competitive and fun night for the bride and her guests to enjoy with one another! Create the ultimate bachelorette party questionnaire game to test the bridal party’s knowledge on everything about the bride. From her likes and dislikes, to questions about her fiancé, or even about her childhood, this is a fun way to celebrate the bride! Give the bride a quiz sheet with questions for her to fill out, then make copies to send to the guests. Have the bride read out each question one by one and then have guests respond back with each of their answers. Whoever gets the most correct answers can receive a prize!

Gifts and Speeches

To wrap up this special day, host a virtual cocktail party with your wedding party, friends, family and other loved ones that you may want to include. A special part of bridal showers are speeches made by the maid of honor. While you can’t physically clink glasses with one another, you can have your guests raise a class as the maid of honor makes a speech. This will be a great way to end a fun day and is so simple to do!

And if you’re a bride and groom that created a wedding registry, include the link in your bridal shower invites and have guests send the present straight to your home, then open them during the video call. That way the bride can still have gifts to open and guests will be able to see her face as she opens their present. And to top it off, include desserts or a sweet treat that can be sent to guests’ homes so you can all enjoy food together.

Whether you make the bridal shower simple or extravagant, it’s important to remember at the end of the day that the bride should be showered with love and excitement!  From save the date cards, to interactive bridal shower activities, spa days, and more the bride will feel so loved and appreciated for this special day made just for her.



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