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Engagement season is approaching so get your secret engagement ring Pinterest boards out and let your best friends know it’s time to get ready to drop a hint to your lover! After saying yes, your the next step is to match your ring style with your dream wedding gown. Finding the perfect bridal gown, is like finding the right partner. It needs to be one of a kind, unique, and meant just for you.

From classic ring shapes to trendy colored diamond rings, we’ve gathered a guide on how to find the perfect ring to say “I DO!” to. And with our latest 2020 Spring collection out, we’ve matched the dreamiest ring with some of our latest bridal gown trends.

Read along as we pair the perfect style for you!


The cut of your wedding ring can make a huge difference when finding the engagement ring of your dreams. Each cut is designed to sparkle in its own way, so deciding which cut suits you best is the first step to take.

Classic Round Cut: A classic clean round cut is universally loved by all brides around the world. Its round shape will reflect just the right amount of light and will never run out of date. This diamond cut also pairs well with any type of band or metal color, making your ring radiate with shine and class. With details as classic as this, step into our Val Stefani Style Orion, a classic wedding ball gown with sparkles and lace for a bridal look that will have you dazzling from head to toe. With such glamorous details, the classic round cut is the perfect balance of elegance and sophistication, making for a beautiful bridal look. A timeless ball gown wedding dress with sparkles that will be the perfect match for your round cut engagement ring.  

Princess Cut: Like the name itself, the princess cut was meant for a bride that wants to feel and look like a princess. This style cut includes a square or rectangle style edge with a distinct cross pattern when the stone is viewed from the top. The most popular fancy cut diamond shape and to find the perfect dress to match for a royal wedding look, our Val Stefani Style Carina is a sparkly princess A-line wedding dress with straps that is fit for royalty. The romantic skirt and dazzling bodice will have you look and feel like a bridal queen. With such lux details, a princess cut is a match made in heaven with this bridal ball gown.  

Oval Cut: For a longer and more sophisticated style, an oval cut is our top engagement ring selection. Just a tad different from the classic round cut, this elongated stone makes your fingers look longer and dazzles effortlessly in the light. A favorite among “it” girls like Blake Lively and Hailey Bieber, this shape is becoming one of the more popular alternatives to the classic round shape. With such an elegant look, Style Nova, a shimmering mermaid wedding gown with a sweetheart neckline is the best pair. Both trendy, yet classic, Style Nova will have you looking grand and sexy walking down the aisle with celestial inspired star details that give it that out of this world sparkle.  

Pear Cut: Also known as a teardrop cut, this diamond cut is the perfect blend of all the different diamond shapes. With an elongated top and a round bottom finish, this ring plays by its own rule and gives you a two in one look. The pear shape also creates the illusion of a larger stone from the top. A favorite among stars like Sophie Turner, Cardi B, and Kaley Cuoco, this shape is as bold as the bride that wears it. This bold style is definitely for a confident bride and our Simply Val Stefani Style Cordelia, a sparkly lace mermaid bridal gown with long lace sleeves is a match made in heaven. The long sheer sleeves and illusion bodice are daring, while the Chantilly lace is elegant as ever, forming a perfect balance that pairs effortlessly with the pear cut. Like this intricate diamond, Style Cordelia looks stunning for every angle and will have others fawning over you.


As you can tell, we love anything and everything with sparkles. The classic diamond will always be our favorite, but the latest trend we’re obsessed with is colored stones. We can’t deny that color engagement rings have something special and unique about it that sparkles differently in the light. With so many different selections, here are some of our favorite types of colored gems.

A sapphire stone is a regal choice. This stone was made iconic by Princess Diana and found a resurgence thanks to Kate Middleton. The beauty behind this gorgeous stone is that it can blend beautifully with any type of band, diamond, or cluster. And not to mention, it can also work as your something blue! Its deep color hue is the ideal balance of elegance and vintage, a perfect match with our Simply Val Stefani Style Adora, a vintage lace mermaid wedding dress with detachable sleeves. The subtle pop of color makes the ring a distinctive gem for a bride searching for an unparalleled bridal look.  Style Adora includes a romantic sweetheart neckline, detachable sleeves and Chantilly lace fabric that combines together to make any bride feel one of a kind on her special day. Pair these two together and you’re sure to feel beautiful walking down the aisle.

Emerald Green: Vintage, chic and vibrant, an emerald green stone is just what a high-fashion vintage bride is looking for. It’s no surprise that this deep color hue is one of the most popular gemstones. A ring this stunning should only be paired with something just as sparkly. Step into our Style Hailey from the Goddess x Simply Val Stefani Collection, a Gatsby wedding gown with beaded straps to complete your vintage wedding day look. With such a distinct style ring, this bridal dress is your perfect match!

Ruby Gems: For a pop of vibrant color and romance, a ruby red gem could be just what you need. Not only will this save your partner some money but will also have others staring in awe with its deep red hue. Deriving from the meaning of purity and passion, the ruby stone is only meant for a bride that is bold yet elegant, just like our Simply Val Stefani Gianna, a lace A-line wedding gown with a v-neckline. With a flirty deep back and illusion bodice, this was meant for a bride that isn’t afraid to flaunt what she’s got. And with a romantic ruby as your stone, you’ll be a stunner everywhere you go!

Ready to say yes to the dress? Add these wedding dress options to your Pinterest boards NOW! These sparkling wedding dresses will have you saying “I do” even easier and will uniquely match you in every shape, way and form. And after saying “YES!”, contact a Val Stefani authorized retailer to find the perfect match to your dreamy engagement ring.

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