Guide to Picking the Perfect Wedding Planner

December 16th, 2015 Wedding Ideas, Tips and Inspiration


Are you recently engaged and ready to begin planning your wedding?

You may have spent hours reading article after article online and thumbed through every bridal magazine looking for inspiration. Maybe now you haven’t gotten sleep because of your new Pinterest addiction. Did your research only overwhelm you? You are now realizing you have so many things to make a decision on from the location, ceremony space, venue, wedding day food options and what theme you want on your special day? No problem! This is the time in your wedding planning process that you may want to decide on planning a professional wedding planner who can make the journey to your wedding day an enjoyable one.

Before meeting with potential wedding planners it is important to establish your needs first. How many guests will you be having at your wedding? Depending on the size and complexity of your wedding will help you decide on whether you will need a full service wedding planner to arrange every detail or simply a day-off coordinator. Once you have established your needs and have selected your wedding date you are ready to find the wedding planner to help create the wedding of your dreams. Just like planning a wedding, deciding on who to hire to plan this special day for you requires some questions to be answered. Here are some essential questions to lead you to the perfect wedding planner.

1. Are you available on my wedding date? How many weddings do you expect to have during the month of our wedding?

This is a crucial first question because you do not want to waste your time interviewing a potential wedding planner only to find out that they are not available on your wedding date. You have already experienced for yourself the stress that comes with planning a wedding and the last thing you need is a wedding planner who is planning 3 other weddings the month of your wedding date.

2. What is your rate/payment terms?

It is important to know the minimum wedding budget they will work with in order to know if your wedding planner will fit within your budget.Having a budget and trying to stay within that budget is very important so you won’t become overwhelmed when deposits and final payments start coming in. If you have not established a budget beforehand this is a good way to gauge the expenses for your special day. It is advised to keep wedding planning expenses to 15% of your overall wedding budget.

3. Have you worked at the venue before?

It is a major plus to find a wedding planner who has worked at your wedding venue before because they will be more familiar with the layout and event staff allowing the day to run more smoothly. They will also already have ideas to share with you from the previous wedding they have planned there.

4. How many weddings have you done and what were you responsible for at those weddings?

Finding a wedding planner with previous experience is a must. Their role on your big day is to make your life easier so you should focus on finding someone who has planned at least a few weddings before. This is not just any celebration, so you need to make sure your wedding planner will know how to plan for this emotional and special day to add just the perfect touch.

5. How do you communicate with clients?

Do they communicate by phone call or will an email work better? Will your wedding planner be available to meet in person instead? It is not news that your wedding planner will be busy planning other weddings as well, but it is important to find a wedding planner who be available to communicate with you as often as you would like. You may want to be fully involved in every decision up to the day of your wedding, which will require you need to make sure that your wedding planner will be able to provide you with that communication schedule. Some wedding planners offer a limit to communications depending on the package you select so be sure to get a full understanding of what each service entails and what the best way to reach them will be.

6. Do you work by yourself or with a team?

This question is crucial if you will be having a large guest list because there will be a lot more to plan and execute on your wedding date. Will your wedding planner have an assistant the day of your wedding? Make sure you feel comfortable enough with the amount of support your wedding planner will have on your wedding date, as you want the day to run as smoothly as possible.

Once you have finished interviewing your potential wedding planners it is important to choose the one who most closely meets your needs and is interested in becoming as involved as possible. If you aren’t feeling a connection with your wedding planner now chances are down the line the feelings won’t change. Make sure to find someone who both you and your fiancé connect with because this will be someone who will be in charge of planning the wedding of your dreams. 

Guide to Picking the Perfect Wedding Planner
Guide to Picking the Perfect Wedding Planner
Guide to Picking the Perfect Wedding Planner
Guide to Picking the Perfect Wedding Planner


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