A Quick Guide To Wedding Catering For Your Reception

November 5th, 2015 Wedding Ideas, Tips and Inspiration

When it comes to memorable moments in a wedding, food is one of the most important. When it comes to catering your wedding there is no longer just the standard options of choosing beef, chicken or fish. Today, the options are endless in terms of what you can serve and how you serve it! We are going to share some of our favorite ways to serve food at your wedding including some pros and cons of each!

1. Traditional Sit-down Dinner: This is the most formal and used to be the most common way to be serve dinner at a wedding reception. It usually consists of a three course meal, an appetizer, entree, and dessert. 

Pros: This is a great option for you if you are interested in traditional style reception. This option allows for everyone to receive their meal at the same time and there are no long lines. You can also sprinkles in activities like wedding toasts and greet guests in between courses. 

Cons: You can expect to pay more per plate for staffing since the execution will require more servers. The meals will be limited to certain items that will be selected in advance. If you have fussy guests that don't like the limited selection this may not be the option for you.

2. Food Stations: As catering options have become less traditional, food stations become more popular. The idea of food stations is to have different themed areas where your guests can go to get a portion of their meal. 

Pros: This is often a wedding favorite because there is a wide variety of foods and gives your guests an interactive and creative experience and allow them to eat at their own pace. Some examples of serving stations can be a raw bar, carving station, and pasta station. The options are endless!

Cons: In order for this type of catering to be successful you will need a good amount of space to spread out the stations to avoid overcrowding which might mean a larger venue. There might also be extra costs if your food station is interactive and needs a server to complete the execution which will add to your catering bill. 

3. Buffet: Is one of the most popular choices among wedding receptions and consists of food stations being set up on tables where guests can walk up and serve themselves. You can be creative and make this indoor or outdoor!

Pros: This style of catering allows for a variety of food to be served and requires a small amount of servers to serve your guests making it a great way to save money. 

Cons: Many guests do not like this options because of how long it may take to get their food and also the portion of food they can be served. Larger quantities of food might be also need to be ordered because guests tend to take larger portions when serving themselves.

4. Cocktail Reception: This is one of our favorite options because the food options are so huge and not to mention adorable! A cocktail reception is where you provide hors d'oeuvres throughout the reception. These can consist of any foods you like and there are a ton of ideas here to use for any taste. 

Pro: This is huge on cost saving and if you choose the right hors d’oeuvres. It can look very expensive and be quite filling. 

Cons: Some guests have never experienced a cocktail reception and may be expecting a full dinner meal, therefore be sure to mention it on your invitations. Guests may also drink more than at a sit down reception, so be wary of added added costs.  

A Quick Guide To Wedding Catering For Your Reception
A Quick Guide To Wedding Catering For Your Reception
A Quick Guide To Wedding Catering For Your Reception
A Quick Guide To Wedding Catering For Your Reception


Deanna R. Jones
12/09/2015 11:0
My fiance and I both have different it ideas for how we would like our wedding reception to be catered, so a few of these ideas should help us come to an agreement for the catering. Setting out food stations seems like the perfect solution to help us come to a compromise. My husband loves to eat meat, but I prefer to eat fruits and veggies, so having different stations for meat and veggie dishes seems like the perfect way for us to meet in the middle for what we would like to have served at the reception. Thanks for the tips!
Olivia Sherwin
01/08/2016 12:0
This is some great information, and I appreciate your point that having your food set up buffet style can help you save money. My best friend is getting married in a few months, and she wants some suggestions for catering. I'll definitely suggest setting it up buffet style so she can save money on servers. Thanks for the great post! http://www.hegedornsmarket.com/index.cfm?Page=Catering
Vincent Burns
01/20/2016 12:0
I like the traditional sit-down dinner that a lot of people generally do. I was reading on http://www.empiregrill.com.au/functions where they actually cater and let you use their restaurant. That makes it really easy because if you want, you can change the location and have them cater the food or you can sit down and have the food brought to you. That would be helpful if you needed to change the location of the dinner. You could change the location and not the actual food.
Kyler Brown
02/16/2016 10:0
My wife and I are planning a wedding right now for our daughter. I am really big into comparing pros and cons when it comes to decision making. My daughter wanted to have a traditional sit down dinner, and it's nice to see that this allows for everyone to receive their meal without having to wait in long lines. Thanks for sharing this article, as this definitely has helped! http://grandstreetkc.com/plaza/catering/
Tara Allen
03/01/2016 14:0
I love that when it comes to catering the options are endless. That is cool that you can choose from a traditional sit down dinner, buffet, or have food stations set up. That is awesome that you make each meal look nice presentation wise and taste great.

Justin Knox
03/24/2016 08:1
Thank you for the help. My fiance and I are trying to decide what kind of catering we want to have at our reception. I love the idea of food stations. I think that keeps the event a little more lively. How would you decide what food to put at each station? http://www.conestogaplace.ca/en/
John Carston
04/26/2016 08:1
Planning for a wedding can be a very stressful thing so having a guide like this makes it all the more easy. I appreciate the advice you gave and the examples given for catering a wedding, I'll definitely need to use this advice. Thanks for the catering tips!
Braden Bills
05/03/2016 06:1
I think it's a great idea to have caterers provide a buffet. That way everyone can serve themselves and get what they want! Sure, they might be upset about waiting in line, but once the initial line is done, then there's usually no more line for the rest of the evening. Thanks for sharing! http://switchbackgrille.com/catering/
Annie Frances
05/12/2016 10:1
I am getting married soon so I am trying to decide how I want the food at my reception. I think I am going to have a buffet style catering. With food tables in different parts of the ballroom, the guests should be able to get their food with less lines. I know the catered food will be good, and the wedding too! http://greatwallbedford.com/catering/
Charles Kemp
07/12/2016 12:1
Wedding catering is a really big help in a lot of weddings. I know that we wouldn't have had a big turnout if we didn't have the catering. It was nice because we didn't have to spend that much on the food and it was for a lot of people. I liked it because the treats at the end were really good. http://www.alpinecatering.ca/
Braden Bills
07/21/2016 07:1
I've been put in charge of catering for my son's wedding. I didn't realize that there were different kinds of styles to do it in! I think a food station would be good. Thank you for sharing! http://papascary.com/catering/
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08/12/2016 22:1
When it comes to memorable moments in a wedding, food is one of the most important. When it comes to catering your wedding there is no longer just the standard options of choosing beef, chicken or fish. Today, the options are endless in terms of what you can serve and how you serve it!

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Ivy Baker
08/23/2017 03:0
My sister is trying to plan her wedding. She hasn't decided what type of food she wants. I liked that you talked about how buffets could allow her to have a wide variety of food at her wedding. https://ultimatepizzabag.com/collections/catering-bags
Deb Pearl
09/01/2017 16:0
My friend is getting married soon and she really wants me to help out by being in charge of the catering, but I have no idea what to do. I had no idea that there was such a thing as a cocktail reception. That sounds like a lot of fun having small hors d'oeuvres throughout the whole reception! What a great idea. http://www.dukescatering.net/joliet-catering-services.php
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Derek Dewitt
04/06/2018 14:0
My cousin is getting married at the end of this year, so he wants me to help him choose a menu for the reception. I like your point about you can have different themes food stations. This sounds like a great way to ensure there are plenty of choices and options for each guest, so I'll have to look into this more. http://www.cateringbyclancy.com.au/page/services/
06/04/2018 11:0
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neha jain
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