Seasonal Sweet Treats for a Fall Wedding

October 13th, 2015 Wedding Ideas, Tips and Inspiration

Fall is officially here which means one thing is on our mind: Fall Weddings! We have a million reasons why we love Fall weddings, from the vibrant colors to the perfect weather, we never thought we would think of one more. But guess what? We did! Fall Treats!

If you are having a Fall wedding have you thought about the endless amount of possibilities for sweet treats?

Not only do we have fabulous sweet treat ideas for your wedding, they are also affordable! It's amazing how the display of desserts can make them look twice as expensive and creative. 

1. Doughnuts and Apple Cider: Doughnuts are a classic favorite for a cold day and scream Fall depending on the display. The particular display pictured can be easily made into a DIY project with cut outs of a tree trunk then made into a tiered display. Also you can serve these yummy treats with a classic apple cider and/or add variety with coffee and tea options! 

2. Apple Pie: Pie is an all-around reminder that the fall season/holidays are coming up. We know you may be thinking pie can be a bit difficult to serve or maybe too similar to the classic wedding cake. That is why we suggest mini pies! They are adorable and make for a great warm, fall snack. Making these may be a little tedious but we are sure if you take this picture to a local baker they would be happy to recreate them for you! 

3. Popcorn: You may be thinking popcorn is boring, however we know it doesn't have to be! These adorable barrel containers add a rustic fall feel to a treat so simple. Also, feel free to add unique popcorn flavors to your popcorn bar such as caramel, cheese, and jalapeno! We promise your guests will have a blast filling their treat bags with different delicious flavors of popcorn! 

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