Best Honeymoon Destinations by Season

October 16th, 2015 Wedding Ideas, Tips and Inspiration

Bora Bora, Greece
Mexico, Paris
Hawaii, Colorado, Dominican Republic
Amsterdam, U.S. Virgin Islands

The wedding is over and now it’s time for you and your partner to enjoy the newlywed life! Choosing your honeymoon should definitely be mutual but should not be taken lightly. This is going to be a trip you remember forever as the first trip you took together as a married couple. 

Depending on the weather you desire and the type of atmosphere you and your partner want, we have insight into some of the best honeymoon destinations depending on the season that you are traveling! 


Bora Bora: Now, you're probably thinking you can't go wrong any month you visit Bora Bora and you're right because it is absolutely beautiful! However, going between July-September is a great idea and peak season because it is actually winter in the islands of Tahiti. This is also the time they get the least amount of rain which means sun and clear waters for you and your partner! Check out this website for smart traveling tips for Bora Bora: Here

Santorini Greece: The views and clear blue waters in Santorini are undeniably breathtaking. More specifically the ideal month would be towards the end of summer sometime in September so the crowds die down and the kids are back to school. We love this location for a honeymoon because it is one of the most romantic, and relaxing places to travel. If you don't believe us check out more photos on 


Mexico: If you are located in the US, Mexico may not seem too far and not adventurous enough for a honeymoon. However, we think you definitely shouldn't count Mexico out when traveling in the fall season. Even though there may be some rainfall during this time it is worth the trip if you are looking to indulge yourself in the culture. The fall season is filled with festivals and events that locals and tourists from all over enjoy! 

Paris: Fall is a great time to visit Paris because all of the natives return from their summer travels and you can fully experience what life is like in Paris. The city will be lively and not to mention gorgeous with all the different color leaves and trees. Yet, it will most likely still be warm and sunny. If you still need more convincing here are some more reasons!


Colorado: If you love snow and cuddling in the cold then this is the perfect destination for you and your partner! Everyone always thinks a tropical island is the only type of honeymoon out there but we love the idea of hot chocolate, snow and relaxing by the fire. Also, the mountain views are literally breathtaking. 

Dominican Republic: Traveling to the Dominican Republic during the winter time is a good idea if you still want warm weather. The temperatures in the D.R. are warm all year around so you will feel like it is the middle of the summer even if it’s December! This is also one of our favorite honeymoon destinations because it’s tropical yet affordable! 


Amsterdam: We love Amsterdam and all the fun things it has to do! The spring is the best time to travel to this wonderful city because as you bike along the canal you will see the spring blooms! Also in march there is an annual flower festival! There is so much to do and so many places to see that this destination would be great for an adventurous couple! 

U.S. Virgin Islands- St. Thomas: During the spring, peak season has passed and prices significantly drop! You can also make it to the Carnival in April that is the epitome of the Caribbean and what it has to offer! After you enjoy the carnival head over to the two other islands that are close by! It's almost like you get three vacations in one! 

All in all, regardless of where you choose for your honeymoon, our number one tip is to make it AMAZING and memorable. Happy Travels! :)

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