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April 4th, 2023 Wedding Ideas, Tips and Inspiration

Finding the Perfect Wedding Dress for Your Beach Wedding

You dream of saying "I do" with the most breathtaking backdrop imaginable: a gorgeous blend of white sand and crystal clear water. Add a little sunshine and a few palm trees to the mix, and you have the makings of a remarkable wedding day.

Whether you share your vows at a beloved beach near home or take the ultimate adventure with a destination wedding, you'll never regret tying the knot in such a beautiful setting.

Your beach-based nuptials will feel like even more of a fairy tale if you wear the right dress: a lovely bridal gown that matches the beauty of the beach but is also comfortable and easy to transport.

This is a lot to ask for in a single dress, but you'll be pleased to discover that a variety of designs dazzle without skimping on convenience. As you examine your options, you'll decide where your wedding priorities lie. From there, you can determine how various silhouettes, fabrics, and embellishments either contribute to or detract from this special experience. 

What Makes the Perfect Beach Bridal Look?

No one style is ideal for every beach wedding. A lot depends on the formality of the event and, of course, your own aesthetic preferences.

While beach weddings are typically perceived as more casual, it's definitely possible to pull off a formal ceremony in this unique atmosphere. Small details matter, but you may also be fascinated by bold features that don't necessarily work in other settings.

With so many unique options available for your big day, you might start to feel overwhelmed. In most cases, however, a few simple upgrades will make all the difference. Keep these important considerations in mind as you select a bridal dress for your beach wedding that feels true to you: 


As a beach bride, you have your pick of colors. White remains the go-to for most beach wedding gowns, although variations such as ivory and cream can be appealing. Taupe fits in wonderfully with a beach setting, as it mimics the appearance of the sand beneath your feet.

Don't be afraid to add color. Many beach brides favor soft hues that reflect the natural beauty of this spectacular outdoor setting. Rose, for example, adds a subtle hint of color that, as seen in Val Stefani's romantic Style Penelope. Featuring lovely rose net, this memorable mermaid wedding dress also stands out with its scoop neck and glass beading.

Eager to make a statement? Make the most of florals, which stand out with Moonlight Bridal Style J6893. This showstopper is sure to turn heads with its unique florals in pink, green, and yellow. The dress gets even more flair from its puffed sleeves and voluminous skirt. 


While bold styles are perfectly acceptable for beach brides, you'll need to navigate the fine line between visually impressive and impractical. Some designs might not be a big deal in a church or ballroom but could make things difficult when you’re dealing with sun and sand.

When in doubt, simple is better. Heavy fabrics should almost always be avoided, but excessive embellishments can also be problematic.

It's possible to pull off a train, but you may want to limit the length by avoiding cathedral or royal styles. If you're dead set on achieving princess vibes, you may need to get creative so you can achieve a voluminous or larger-than-life look without feeling weighed down. Don’t hesitate to incorporate fun, yet comfortable details such as detachable sleeves, illusion necklines, or intricate lace appliques. 


Accessories, like the wedding gown itself, are best simplified for maximum comfort and beachy style. When possible, opt for flirty options that reflect your tropical environment. A flower crown, for example, will add visual interest to your updo, while shell jewelry amplifies a boho beach aesthetic.

Footwear is arguably your most important consideration: ditch the heels and try satin slides or espadrilles instead. While you may be barefoot (or have trendy foot jewelry) as you exchange your vows in the sand, you'll want a gorgeous pair of wedding shoes available for the reception and especially when you hit the dance floor. 

Styles & Silhouettes

While beachy dress styles can be surprisingly versatile, some silhouettes simply aren't ideal for sandy settings. As we've discussed, long trains are certain to frustrate and often, princess silhouettes will feel overwhelming.

Don't assume that a fitted look is automatically better; mermaid wedding dresses, for example, may feel too tight and could even lead to overheating. The best mermaid gowns feature light fabrics and a slightly looser design.

In general, flowing styles with lightweight fabric are preferable. Figure-flattering A-lines are nearly always a safe bet, as are most sheath dresses. Tea-length dresses are perfectly acceptable and may even be preferable. 

Best Materials for Beach Wedding Dresses

From climate to travel complications, many factors must be taken into account when selecting beach wedding fabrics. Again, lightweight fabrics are essential, as even moderately heavy styles can quickly feel oppressive in tropical conditions. Perennial favorites for beach brides include: 


Sheer and lightweight by design, organza can be created from silk or synthetic fibers. Either way, it's an amazing option for the modern beach bride, as it looks lovely and feels comfortable.

Although often used for structured styles, this material can also achieve a floating effect that levels up already romantic designs. The result? A voluminous look that creates fairy tale vibes without getting too hot. Unfortunately, it can be susceptible to wrinkling so it might not be ideal for destination weddings. 


Another flow option that's both flattering and comfortable, chiffon is a common alternative to organza. It's not quite as stiff as organza, so it's the better option when you prefer a soft look. 

This very softness limits chiffon's ability to add structure to your gown, but that might not be a priority for your beach wedding. Nylon, polyester, and silk can all be called on for this style, as the term 'chiffon' actually refers to the weaving pattern. 


Traditional brides appreciate the intricate beauty of classic lace, which has been a go-to for centuries for good reason: it's always lovely. The entire gown can feature lace, but this versatile option can also be added in small doses to the sleeves or bodice. Lace gowns come in every style imaginable, so keep it in mind if you have a specific vision for your bridal aesthetic. 


Open and airy, net is a far-reaching material that can take many forms. With beach weddings, it's often layered over other materials to create an ethereal look without adding too much weight. 

Sparkle or floral net adds subtle detailing that many brides find appealing. This look is often blended with lace to provide a romantic or downright whimsical effect for those who want to look like they’ve been swept off their feet. 


Voluminous ball gowns frequently feature an abundance of tulle, which is responsible for their full skirts. This popular material looks a lot like net at first glance but tends to be softer while featuring smaller openings. It's a great option for layering, but beware: done in excess, it can be cumbersome for a beach wedding. Other concerns include travel difficulties, given tulle’s notorious fragility. 

Beach Wedding Gown Examples to Consider

Given the sheer variety of materials, colors, and accessories we've mentioned, it's understandable if you have trouble narrowing down your options as you embark on the wedding planning process. To demonstrate how distinct features can come together to create a dreamy bridal look, we've highlighted a few examples of idyllic beach gowns: 


A stunning option from Simply Val Stefani, Style Rosalia is a chiffon A-line dress that makes excellent use of this fabric. It achieves undeniably laid-back beachy vibes with help from unconventional features such as waistline cutouts and bishop sleeves. The open back enables brides to enjoy the breeze while the sweep train adds a dose of romance without compromising mobility. 


The Art Deco appeal of Style Miriam might not initially strike you as a beach-oriented style, but you'd do yourself a disservice by overlooking this striking gown. Its geometric lace gives it a definite boho feel, but the backless design and simple beaded straps are well-suited to a beach setting. This dress demonstrates how you can make the allure of a mermaid silhouette work as you hit the sand. 


If you adore rustic styles, look no further than the Val Stefani Style Sara. This cottagecore style gown works well for a barn or woodsy ceremony but can also provide an effortless, swept-away look at the beach. The Guipure lace is bound to attract attention, as will the deep V-neckline, flirty V-back and the optional nude net. 


Playful, yet deeply romantic, Style Alexis is a dreamy A-line wedding dress that delivers a floating effect with its soft tulle and sweep train. It's impossible to miss the embroidered floral lace appliques, which are beautifully trimmed with sparkly sequins. The swag sleeves level up the look while the sweetheart neckline is sure to flatter. 

Wedding Bliss on the Beach

Compromise is not necessary when you exchange your vows on the beach. A few simple stylistic decisions can set you up for a striking gown that looks even more beautiful than the dreamiest beach setting.

Remember: suitable styles are available for every budget and personality. We're pleased to offer a wealth of beach wedding dress ideas, so don't hesitate to use our resources to find inspiration. Armed with this insight, you'll be ready to browse our vast collection for a beach gown you adore.

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