Two Piece Formal Dresses For Prom

December 9th, 2015 FOR A SPECIAL OCCASION

2802RG, 2827RB
Prom season is almost here but it's always a good idea to start shopping early! The early bird gets the worm, right? We have all the insider tips for the hottest trends, so first things first: Two piece prom dresses are the way to go for Prom 2016! Imagine yourself walking in rockin' a hot two piece formal dress with gorgeous beading, the perfect silhouette and a color that makes you pop. Our two piece gowns feature the most popular trends from necklines, to silhouettes and detailing. 

Each two piece gown looks, feels and sparkles differently from the next so you don't have to worry about looking similar to the girl in your math class who is also choosing a two piece prom dress! Style 2802RG highlights a sweetheart neckline and lace up back on this two piece crop top gown. The lace up back adds a touch of sexy to the heavily beaded bodice which pairs perfectly with the sleek jersey skirt. With a match up like this one you get a great balance between beading and sleek. Still want less beading? Check out style 2827RB, which is also a sexy two piece crop top but instead of beading features everyone's favorite: lace! Lace is elegant, classy and sexy all at the same time. This sleeveless crop top is all over lace with a high neck and back neckline for coverage. However, you will still get the effect of the two piece with the high-waist sleek and slimming plain satin skirt. Not to mention, the mermaid silhouette on this style is very figure flattering! 

Want a little of the first dress but love the silhouette of the second? We have thought of everything with each detail in our two piece prom dresses. Style 2853RX has a beaded bodice with a jewel neckline paired with a sleek mermaid skirt. The gems on the crop top bodice are matte which make them subtly standout enough to have your friends in awe over the detail! Offered in ivory or red this gown will have you looking classic in a hot way!  

Looking for a gown that's more on the soft and flowy side or maybe with brighter colors? Style 2819RE comes in Aqua and Sunny Day two of the most popular spring colors that will make you stand out in the crowd. The a-line silhouette is created by soft and silky chiffon fabric paired with an intricately beaded bodice and a jewel neckline. You will feel like the ultimate bohemian prom princess in this luxurious prom style! However, if you are going for a more "prom queen look" try style 2831RE which is a two piece ball gownThink of this prom dress as the trendy way to look like a prom queen with the subtly beaded and lace crop top paired with a striped organza ball gown skirt. 

One of the best parts of each of these gowns is that they are all convertible dresses! You can save the dress and choose to wear with the top or skirt to another event with an alternative matching top or bottom. Instead of getting a prom dress that you will wear once, two piece prom dresses give you the opportunity to mix and match later on! As you can see, the variety within two piece dresses is huge! This is only a glimpse into our Prom 2016 collection , take a look at our entire collection here or find an authorized retailer here to start shopping! 

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Whoa, these ball dresses are gorgeous!

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