Wedding Signature Drinks & Names

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Wedding Signature Drinks & Names

It’s cocktail time! Guests are ready to pop like Champagne and celebrate. Wedding signature drinks are a creative way to kick off your cocktail hour and add personal pizzazz to your party. Drink choices, and cocktail names, are endless. Ready to peruse your bar options?

Wedding Signature Drinks

Once of the easiest ways to select a wedding signature drink is for you and your sweetheart to choose a drink that represents each of you. This is a fun way to share your personalities with your guests. For example, maybe you’re “sweet” and your partner is “spicy.” Or you’re “big city” and your spouse is “a little country.” Ask your caterer or bartender for cocktails that would best fit those themes.

Or consider signature drinks that tie into your color palette for a color pop at your party. Let’s say one of your wedding colors is blue. Your drink could be Blanc de Bleu (blue sparkling wine with a hint of blueberries). Your sweetie’s drink could be a vodka or rum-based cocktail with blue Curaçao. These drinks could be served at the bar. But if you’re looking for a sophisticated splash, having signature drinks served to guests may encourage them to try one and can help reduce lines at the bar.

Alcohol is typically a big wedding cost. Some couples opt for unlimited beer and wine, but not a full open bar. Hard alcohol costs more per drink. Serving two wedding signature drinks allows you to serve hard alcohol, but with only two options may help limit consumption and cost. Work with your caterer on a cocktail menu that’ll work with your overall alcohol selection. For example, if you’ll offer beer and wine all night long then making one of your signature drinks a Champagne-based (or Prosecco) one may be a good option for guests who want to stay on the wine-drinking path and not mix drinks. The “Blushing Bride” drink might be perfect.

Blushing Bride Drink

Sure, you could choose a rosé Champagne or sparkling wine as your signature cocktail. Or you could elevate your bubbly. The “Blushing Bride Drink” is a popular choice as a signature wedding cocktail. It starts with a Champagne base. Many Blushing Bride drink recipes call for grenadine. Additional options are varied--cranberry juice, passion-fruit nectar or peach schnapps--depending on your taste or color preferences. This fun drink can be mixed with ingredients to give it a light blush color to a bold pink color. Ask your caterer for ideas.

There are a several benefits of the Blushing Bride cocktail.  

If you’re worried about the effects of hard alcohol on guests who might party too hard at your wedding, the Blushing Bride is a good option. Champagne averages 12% alcohol, whereas liquor such as gin, vodka and scotch may range 35-46% alcohol content (Wine Folly).

The Blushing Bride is also quick for bartenders to whip up. Your guests won’t get antsy waiting for a complicated drink. Plus, if you’re only offering beer and wine you’ll likely have Champagne on hand so guests may be more open to trying a signature drink if they can easily switch to a plain glass of bubbly. It’s a smooth transition to wine, which many guests may prefer with dinner.

But what to call your specialty drinks?

Signature Wedding Drink Names

First of all, giving your signature wedding drinks names is completely up to you. A sweet sign with “His & Hers” (or “John & Jane’s”) favorite drinks listed is fine. The good news is if you call a cocktail by its common name, such a Mojito or Sangria, most guests will know what to expect and won’t ask bartenders over and over “What’s in this drink?” It’s a simple and safe way to name your drinks. Or you can play it up a little with personal signature cocktail names such as “Mike’s Mojito” and “Sweet Jane’s Sangria.” Or “The Brown’s Bellini.” Guests will still know what they’re getting.

Or go crazy with super-cute wedding cocktail names. Here are a few of our favorites from Etsy printable food and drink signage company, Rockin Chalk:

  • Honey I Do

  • Love Potion

  • About Thyme

  • Cranberry Kiss

  • Something Blue

  • Endless Love

If you get creative with names, you’ll definitely want a drink sign that lists the ingredients for your guests. You could help them out a little by matching wedding words with common drink names such as:

  • Marry Me Mojito

  • Matrimony Margarita

  • Sweetheart Sangria  

  • Til Daiquiri Do Us Part

  • Groom’s Gimlet

  • Bride’s Bellini

  • Mr & Mrs Martini

  • Ever After Appletini

  • Something Old Fashioned

  • Something Blue Lagoon

  • Cosmopolitan Kiss

Not sure if your guests are a cocktail crowd? It’s fine to choose just one signature drink. Perhaps an “I Do Bellini” or “Married Martini” is the right blend for you.  

No doubt your caterer knows all kinds of fun wedding drink names! But finalize your food menu first. Next, think about which signature drinks would pair well with your food, and overall wedding style or colors. Then let your naming creativity take flight.

Are you having signature wedding cocktails and fun names? Tell us about your delicious drinks on Facebook or Twitter. Cheers!

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