5 Great Bridesmaid Gift Ideas

March 7th, 2023 Wedding Ideas, Tips and Inspiration

5 Great Bridesmaid Gift Ideas

Your best friends have been there with you through thick and thin. They’re likely the first ones you called to tell about your engagement! You asked them to be your bridesmaids and now it is time for you to show them how grateful you are to have them in your life. 

On your wedding day, bridesmaids help you get ready, seat guests and most importantly, make sure everyone is having fun! So why not give them a gift that represents your beautiful relationship and shows them just how much they mean to you? 

Bridesmaid gifts don’t have to be expensive but they should be a thoughtful gesture. That’s why in this article we’re covering how much you should spend on a bridesmaid gift as well as some great ideas for potential gifts! 

How Much Should You Spend on a Bridesmaid Gift?

There’s no set amount that a bride should spend on a bridesmaid gift —  it depends on your budget, bridal party size and the type of gift you want to give them. You want to show your bridesmaids appreciation for being a large part of your special day and some brides are on a set budget. It’s common for brides to spend $75 to $150 per bridesmaid. Again, factors like budget and wedding party size play a key role.

To help calculate how much you should spend, consider everything your bridesmaids are paying for to be a part of your wedding; bridesmaid dresses, accessories, hotel room, plane tickets, and bachelorette party expenses. These costs can add up quickly. A thoughtful gift can show them exactly how much it means to you that they’re part of your big day. A great gift is all about the sentiment behind it — not the price.

5 Thoughtful Gifts to Give Your Bridesmaids

While there are an endless number of great gift ideas, here are a few popular choices amongst brides.

Robes & Pajamas

When it comes to thoughtful gifts, comfy bridesmaid robes and pajamas are on top of the list. They are often used in wedding photos and it’s one less thing your bridesmaids will have to purchase. 

Consider the J.Crew Vintage Pajama Set. These super comfy and roomy pjs are perfect for lounging around on a rainy day and for getting the perfect amount of shut eye. Plus, you can personalize each by monogramming your bridesmaids’ name or initials onto them. This thoughtful touch will make this gift all their own, which will be necessary since they will be so comfy that no one will want to share! Pair them with comfy monogram slippers for ultimate wedding day comfort. 

Touch Up Makeup Kits

When you are out and about you never know when you might need something to fix stray hairs, file a broken nail, or apply some last minute double sided tape. We have a quick guide for the perfect bridal make-up touch up kit, but this is for your bridesmaids! This Emergency Kit by Pinch Provisions is so cute. You can customize the colors and designs for the outside of the bag, and it is filled with goodies like clear elastic ties for your hair, clear nail polish, blotting paper, and more. Essentially everything your bridal party will need on the big day.

If you would rather give a gift that’s all about pampering, the A-Team Body Care Set will melt all their stress away. After all the eating, drinking, and merriment, this body care set by bliss will revitalize you from head to toe. Your bridesmaids will thank you. It comes with a super cute tote bag, body scrub, body butter, body polish and lip scrub. A totally refreshing and relaxing way to unwind from your big day that your bridesmaids will appreciate!


Jewelry is a special way to say thank you to your bridal party. It’s beautiful and can be the accessory you all wear on your special day. Consider the Kate Spade Bridesmaid Bangle. This is the grownup version of your childhood playground favorite, the friendship bracelet. This beautiful silver plated bracelet is embossed with cute sayings like "best friend ever" and "peas in a pod". It is sleek enough to wear everyday to work, date night and most importantly girls' night! 

Bags, Totes, Clutches

A bag can be an excellent gift option for your besties. You can buy a variety of bags, including clutches, large totes, makeup bags and toiletry bags, to give your bridesmaids something they can use over and over again. The right bag will not only be a fashionable accessory, but  something that could also come in handy during the bridal shower or bachelorette party leading up to your wedding day. 

Personalized Gifts

You can make your gifts as personal as you would like for the maid of honor and each bridesmaid. Maybe one of them likes the outdoors so you give them a hiking tumbler. Maybe another bridesmaid enjoys wine so you sign them up for a Wine of the Month Club Subscription.

Choosing to purchase unique bridesmaid gifts that reflect their personalities will show just how much thought you put into their present.

Showing Your Bridal Party You Care

When it comes to spending money on bridesmaid gifts, there aren’t specific rules you need to follow. But it’s important to tell your bridal party how much you value them and give them a gift from your heart. A thoughtful gift is a way to make your friends feel special about their involvement throughout the entire wedding process.

Check out our blog for more wedding day inspiration and tips. If you’re in the wedding dress shopping part of the process, you can visit our complete Val Stefani Bridal Collection.

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