5 Great Bridesmaid Gift Ideas

Tuesday, February 16th, 2016 Wedding Ideas, Tips and Inspiration

Your best friends have been their with you through thick and thin. They are probably one of the first people you called or told that you are getting married! You asked them to be your bridesmaids and now it is time for you to show them how grateful you are to have them in your life. On your wedding day they will be helping you get ready, seat guests, and most importantly helping everyone to have fun! So we have selected our 5 favorite bridesmaid gift ideas.

1. Kate Spade Bridesmaid Bangle This is the grownup version of your childhood playground favorite, the friendship bracelet. This beautiful 12-karat gold plated bracelet is embossed with cute sayings like "best friend ever" and "peas in a pod". It is sleek enough to wear everyday to work, date night and most importantly girls' night! 

2. Pinch Emergency Kit When you are out and about you never know when you might need something to fix stray hairs, file a broken nail, or some last minute double sided tape. We have a quick guide for the perfect bridal make-up touch up kit, but this is for your girls! This Emergency Kit by Pin is so cute you can customize the colors and designs for the outside of the bag it and it is filled with goodies like clear elastic ties for your hair, clear nail polish, blotting paper, and more. Essentially everything you will need on your big day.

3. J.Crew Vintage Pajama Set These super comfy and roomy pajamas are perfect for lounging around on a rainy day and for getting the perfect amount of shut eye. They currently come in three different colors and you can personalize each by monogramming your bridesmaids initials onto each one. This thoughtful personal touch will make this gift all their own which will be necessary since they will be so comfy that no will want to share.  

4. Wine of the Month Club Subscription Now this is a gift everybody can get behind. A classic series gift membership ships 2 bottles either all reds, all whites, or one of each to you for $37/month. Who doesn't want convenience and booze? That seems like the perfect combination. Something fun and tasty and you can enjoy at any time and get more familiar with your inner critic and transform into a complete Vino lover or Wino.

5. Bliss Voyager Deluxe Essentials Set after all the eating, drinking, and merriment your big day will bring this bliss beauty essentials kit will revitalize you from head to toe. Which is something your bridesmaids will thank you for. It comes with a super cute travel bag, SPF products, micro dermabrasion for helping to clean your face after your getting your make up done and the most refreshing moisturizers for your face and body. Totally refreshing and relaxing way to unwind from your big day that your bridesmaids will totally appreciate.

Need more wedding day inspiration and tips? Read our blog and if you need to see more wedding dresses you can visit our Val Stefani Colledtion.

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