Wedding Makeup Looks & Trends 2018

August 16th, 2018 Wedding Ideas, Tips and Inspiration

Curious to see real wedding makeup looks (and trends) in 2018? With summer wedding season in full bloom it’s the perfect time to learn what fashion media is seeing this year and what Val Stefani “real brides” are actually wearing.

Wedding Makeup Looks

Overall, we’re noticing two types of brides when it comes to wedding makeup looks for this year: classic or bold.

The classic bride sees natural beauty in neutrals or nude colors. She’ll choose a nude, peach or pink lipstick. Feminine. Romantic. That doesn’t necessarily mean all warm tones; lips can be a cool pink. Eye shadow palettes can be mixed; perhaps nude warm tones on the upper eyelids paired with a cool gray lower lid shadow. A slight contrast is interesting and refreshing. The trend is about a focus on nudes and neutrals for a naturally-beautiful appeal.

The bold bride isn’t afraid of color. She’ll choose smokey eyes or a bright lipstick--perhaps even both. She has an eye for dramatic flair. This style of makeup may fit a vintage, alternative or sexy glam wedding. What are bold lipsticks colors? Several are trending for this year: red, plum, or even a dark shade of Gothic. Dark and moody color palettes emerged last year and may be especially prevalent in this fall’s wedding season--from invites and decor to bridal makeup.

Ready to see real brides in today’s trends?

Wedding Makeup Trends for 2018

To show several trendsetting looks we turned to Harper’s BAZAAR recent article “The Best Bridal Makeup Inspiration for 2018” and our Val Stefani Real Brides gallery.

1. Smokey Eyes

The smudgy sultry-eyed look is making the leap from the fashion runway to the wedding aisle. We think real bride Courtney embraces this look. BAZAAR suggests pairing smokey eyes with glossy nude lips.  We can’t tell if Courtney’s lipstick is glossy or matte, but her neutral lip color does make her eyes smoulder.

2. Lustrous Red Lips

Want glamorous red lips? BAZAAR says to bring it on. Glossy red lips are in, and real bride Christina shows us how classic red lips with shine can look runway ready...even if your runway is an aisle runner.

3. Pretty in Pink

Sweet pink lips are the highlight of this bridal makeup look. The bride’s features are gently highlighted to give her a youthful glow. Pink lipstick is perfect for a princess, fairy tale or romantic style, as real bride Brooke demonstrates (Wisteria James, beaded and lace long sleeve wedding gown with beautiful train). Pink is often a favorite color for weddings and a pink lipstick can easily be matched with the same shade of pink flowers in a bridal bouquet and reception decor.

4. Edgy Lips

If you’re a bride who likes the dark side, bring out a Gothic lipstick on your wedding day. It’s daring and will play well with a moody wedding palette. BAZAAR says a blackened cherry lipstick, for example, looks striking with a white gown. Real bride Mallory was ahead of her time when she rocked Gothic lips and a moody bridal bouquet. Which brides will be edgy this fall, we wonder?

Bridal Makeup Tips

It’s exciting, and overwhelming, to decide on your bridal makeup. Here are a few tips:

It may be easiest to start with your wedding style. For example: classic, modern, rustic or fairytale. If you’re having a rustic wedding outdoors you might opt for a lighter bridal makeup look. If you’re having a glam wedding in a ballroom, or themed wedding at a historic estate, you may prefer something more dramatic.

Consider getting a bridal makeup and hairstyle trial. Once you choose a stylist for your wedding, consider hiring him/her to do a practice run to fine-tune your look. If that’s not possible, don’t worry. A professional stylist with excellent client reviews should be able to follow your inspiration. Bring a few photos to your wedding day appointment.

Biggest tip? Choose a wedding makeup look that is most “you.” If you prefer a natural look, you probably don’t want to shock yourself or your beloved with very dark colors on your wedding day.

Which wedding makeup trends for 2018 are calling to you? Let us know your favorites in the comments below or our Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest or Instagram.

Are you a 2018 Val Stefani bride? Please share your bridal photos with us at Val Stefani Real Brides and we may feature your wedding in our gallery!

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