How To Plan A Game Of Thrones Inspired Wedding

August 25th, 2017 Wedding Ideas, Tips and Inspiration

How to plan a Game of Thrones wedding fit for the Seven Kingdoms

If you’re one of the millions obsessed with Game of Thrones, why not draw your wedding inspiration from the show that has everyone talking, season after season? Whether you’re seeking a rustic wedding fit for Winterfell, an outdoor affair that captures the lush landscapes of Westeros or a high society function fit for King’s Landing, Game of Thrones offers ample details you can use to throw a theme wedding that unabashedly represents the Seven Kingdoms or a wedding that gives a gentle nod to your favorite TV show.

From its old-world feel, its grand settings and its stylish leading women, here are some Game of Thrones wedding ideas to help you start planning.

Set an old-world tone with your invitations

Your invitations are the first element of your wedding that will give your guests a feel for the event. To set the tone for your Game of Thrones inspired wedding, choose invitations that have an old-world feel. To do that, you can use richer cardstock in cream or a deeper color with irregular or textured edges; elegant, hand-written lettering; and rich, gold accents. You can even add a wax seal to your invitations.

If want your invitations that definitively represent your Game of Thrones wedding, you can add:

• Images of wolves, lions, ravens or squid pulled straight from the show’s artwork;

• Game of Thrones inspired fonts;

• Family crests; or

• Wedding-themed Game of Thrones quotes, such as “I am your and you are mine, from this day until the end of my days,” “Moon of my life; my sun and stars,” or simply “A wedding is coming.”

Find a Westeros inspired venue

When it comes to finding a venue to fit a Game of Throne theme, there are plenty of options, but the setting must be grand. Rustic barns, castles or estates can capture the feel of Winterfell, while grander settings and large halls can invoke the elegance of King’s Landing. Because so much of Game of Thrones take place outdoors, outdoor venues work well for Game of Thrones themed wedding, and beaches work just as well as woodlands, thanks to the varied terrain of the Seven Kingdoms.

If you’re struggling to find a venue that obviously calls to mind Game of Thrones, you can create the show’s medieval feeling in almost any space. A high ceiling room, or even an outdoor space, can be outfitted with long tables to create the feeling of a “grand hall” feast and an outdoor space can be fitted with richly colored banners and torches to call the show to mind.

Draw on Game of Thrones’ leading ladies for bridal style

Game of Thrones’ leading ladies all have their own strong styles, which allows plenty of options for choosing a Game of Thrones wedding dress. Here are some Game of Thrones wedding dress ideas from your favorite Westerosi women:

• As current ruler of the Seven Kingdoms, Queen Cersei’s style is undoubtedly regal. For a wedding dress inspired by Queen Cersei, choose a dress with a fitted bodice, full skirt and elaborate beading, embroidery or lace.

• Sansa Stark has long been known for her love of finery, and now that she’s Lady of the North, her style always fits her station. To model your bridal look after Lady Sansa’s style, again look for bridal gown with a full skirt and elegantly detailed bodice. A winter-inspired wedding dress with long sleeves brings to mind Winterfell’s snows. You can incorporate House Stark’s signature accessory with a faux-fur shrug.

• Raised in exile across the across the Narrow Sea, Daenerys Targaryen’s clothing is nothing like the fine ladies of Westeros. The Dragon Queen often wears off-the-shoulder dresses with flowing details, and an open, off-the-should bridal gown — accented with statement accessories, such as an arm cuff, head piece or bold necklace — is perfect for a Khaleesi-inspired bridal look.

• Lady Brienne of Tarth may have given up finery to serve as a knight, but that doesn’t mean you can’t style your bridal look after her. For a wedding dress inspired by Lady Brienne, consider a beautifully beaded bridal gown that calls to mind Brienne’s armor.

• Like Lady Brienne, Arya Stark has given up the life of a lady to pursue her dream of being a warrior. Arya Stark is not your typical lady and after training she doesn't want to commit to any one dress; you can mirror Arya Stark’s free-spirited style by choosing a 2-in-1 bridal gown that’s anything but expected.

• Daenerys’s lady in waiting, Missandei, also can provide elegant wedding dress inspiration. To echo Missandei’s southern style, choose a fitted halter neck bridalAs with Queen Daenerys, add an arm cuff or less conventional jewelry choice to echo the style of Essos.

The final piece of the Game of Thrones wedding look is the hair. The women of Westeros universally wear elegant braided styles, with curled tendrils. If you’re looking to channel a queen fit for the Iron Throne, be sure to opt for a stunning headpiece and sparkling statement jewelry.

Tie your Game of Thrones wedding together with style details

What ultimately will cement your Game of Thrones wedding theme are the details at your ceremony and reception. Here again, you can go for an overt use of Game of Thrones icons — such as house banners, maps of Westeros or an Iron Throne-topped wedding cake — of choose subtle details that call to mind the style of the Seven Kingdoms. Regardless of how much you choose to play up your Game of Thrones wedding theme, here are some Game of Thrones wedding ideas:

• Focus on rich colors. For flowers, bridesmaid’s dresses and event décor, choose the rich colors of Westeros. Think deep reds, purples, blues and golds.

• Serve a traditional feast. Roast meats and vegetables, fresh herbs and fresh fruits are all perfect fare for a feast in any Westerosi great hall.

• Decorate with flames. Torches, candles and lanterns should decorate the tables and aisles at your Game of Thrones wedding.

• Choose elegant, vintage décor. Tables, chairs, china, flatware and drinkware should all be heavy duty, elaborate and in metallic tones.

• Don’t shy from detail. There are so many fun, subtle ways to add Game of Thrones details to your wedding. Use painted “dragon” eggs as part of your centerpieces, or wrap faux fur around your candlesticks. Place a set of gold lions or dragons on your cake tables.

So much of the appeal of the Game of Thrones is its elaborate nature, from its countless character, intricately detailed plot and rich sets and costumes. That means when you plan your Game of Thrones weddings, you have boundless inspiration and countless details you can use to create the perfect Game of Thrones wedding. Find your nearest Val Stefani retailer to assist you in picking out your perfect Game of Thrones inspired wedding dress.
How To Plan A Game Of Thrones Inspired Wedding
How To Plan A Game Of Thrones Inspired Wedding
How To Plan A Game Of Thrones Inspired Wedding


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