Real Brides: Natalie

The dress, oh how I loved my dress! I actually purchased it two months after getting engaged. So soon I know, but I had to have it. When I first went dress shopping it was actually just for fun with a few of my girlfriends. Two of them were also engaged and we decided to go and just try on some dresses to get some ideas. It was so overwhelming, I actually thought I was going to be sick at one point. I'm not one to be in the limelight, I'm a bit of an introvert. So wearing a giant dress and knowing you're going to be the center of attention is a bit nerve-wrecking. The ball gowns were huge and heavy, I looked like a doily in lace, I practically tried on every style, until I finally found one that suited my body type - mermaid. I tried on maybe one or two but something still didn't feel quite right, and then the consultant said, "Wait, I have another mermaid dress that is my favorite and will look good on you." After a few minutes she came back and I thought, "Ok, yeah this is nice." Once I put it on, I started to tear up. It was me. Everything about this dress was me. It was sexy with a fitted satin drop waist that was all ruching (very flattering), but then classy with a soft layered bottom and a beautiful long train. I kept saying "I love it, I love it so much." And then the consultant put on the belt and I just melted. It was really the one piece that just tied everything together. That one little sparkle. I came out and my girlfriends started tearing up too. I didn't want to take it off so I stayed in it for the duration of our appointment :) Because our wedding was so far away, I was nervous about settling on the first go, so I went somewhere else to try on dresses. Nothing felt the same, my mind was already made up. I knew exactly what I wanted my husband to see me in when I walked down the aisle. I went back a month later and bought the dress" Val Stefani Style: D8054