Real Brides: Christy

Marc and I met at Framingham State University. I played softball and he played baseball so often our teams traveled together for games. After much flirting, we decided to extend our relationship to off the field. I would always tease him be saying "number 5 in the field but number 1 in my heart." We then got engaged after about 5 years of dating. We both knew it was going to be a big wedding so we decided a long engagement would be best. This gave me plenty of time to find the dress of my dreams. I must have went to about 10 dress stores and tried on close to 100 wedding dresses before having that moment every soon-to-be-bride encounters. I stepped into my Val Stefani Anja dress and when I came out of the dressing room it was complete silence. I thought for sure everyone was ready to kill me at that point because of the immense amount of time I took to find a dress. However, everyone was so shocked at how gorgeous the dress was and absolutely unique style that my entourage was speechless. I turned around and saw the looks on everyone face and immediately knew this was the gown for me. Fast-forward to the wedding day, the overwhelming comments I received about how stunning and one of-a-kind my dress was fit perfectly with our whole wedding experience! I cannot thank everyone enough that contributed to creating my dress!