Real Brides: Jewel

HOW WE MET We both went to the same University and saw each other frequently. We usually passed right by each other walking to the cafeteria from the dormitories. A long glance and a slight smirk is all that was every exchanged during our college days. During the last semester of my college year, Roderick began writing me on the internet. I was surprised yet happy that he contacted me. We began talking and he eventually asked me for my number. I was hesitant to give my number out to anyone just because I had not dated anyone in some time and I wasn’t really into “online-dating”. I suggested that we continue to email for a while. We emailed back and forth for 9 months then I finally asked for his number. Our conversation was so genuine and felt like we had known each other for years. We went on our first date to a restaurant called Vietopia where we were both very giddy and nervous. We talked and talked until we look around the restaurant and realized that no one else was in the restaurant except for 6 waiters waiting for us to finish so they could go home. We were so into each other and our conversation, that we forgot where we were. We left and he took me back to my car. We kept in touch and continued dating ever since. His chivalry was perfect that entire night and from that day 5 years ago he’s been my angel ever since. Val Stefani Style: D8075 FINDING MY DREAM DRESS I thought I'd NEVER find "the" dress. I tried on literally 20-30 dresses and still hadn't felt that "ah-ha" moment that a bride is supposed to feel. I was just about to settle on a dress that was over my budget and that I just "liked" for time sake. I had been looking for about 5 months for a dress. Like most brides, I watched "say yes to the dress" to get some ideas and even thought about going to New York to shop. One weekend, I went to Austin to visit my family. My mom told me about a really nice and petite bridal shop called Alexia Gavela that she thought we should go check out. I said okay and made the appointment. I went in and tried on everything that I thought would look good. I wanted a lace gown with a mermaid appeal. Turned out that style did nothing for my figure lol. The associate told me there was another dress that they had just received and pulled it out. "Isla" by Val Stefani. My mom and I both said "oooo". I said "I don't know I'm not really into diamonds". My mom said "just try it on!". I tried it on, came out and I was almost in tears. It was so beautiful and fit me perfectly! I told the associate I needed to think about it because the other "ok" dress in Houston was still on hold. For the next week, all I could think about was Isla! How beautiful it was, how unique the crystal arrangements were on the dress, how well it fit! At that point I knew... that was the dress for me. I'm so glad I made that choice. The dress is so unique and matched my personality to the T! Thank You Val Stefani for being the cherry on the top of my wedding day! Photographer: Teshorn Jackson @teshornjacksonphotography