Real Brides: Helina

How we Met: I moved to Dallas in 2010 to embark on my law career after passing the Texas Bar exam. I knew no one and nothing about the city, but was able to quickly learn and make new friends. It took over three years and a night out with friends to finally meet Kidus, though we had surprisingly run in overlapping circles throughout this entire time. The first time we met, he was with his buddies and I was with two of mine. After being casually introduced, we spent the next several hours away from them all sitting outside on a patio chatting about everything from our families, to sports, to our hobbies and ambitions. It felt natural from day one. I appreciated how he conducted himself and was drawn to his genuine kindness. The next day we scheduled to meet again, and again the day after that. That summer night marked the start of something very special: the rest of our lives together! I was all about simplicity and elegance. I opted for a mermaid style Val Stefani gown that had no embellishment but got all its drama from the shape. At times, embellishments can be overdone, and I wanted clean lines and breathtaking classic gown. I glammed it up with a Givenchy crystal necklace and earrings to bring in some major sparkle. Photography: