Real Brides: Jackie C.

Just wanted to share photo's of this beautiful gown of yours, I was so honored to have been able to wear such a beautiful unique gown and got tons of compliments on it. I remember seeing a similar gown in the Knot magazine and decided to take a peek at the website after I had said yes to a dress. Everyone kept saying to not keep looking after you found a dress, but I just never got the feeling until I spotted this gown. It had the same bottom of the dress I said yes too and the same style of top the the one I wanted, it was perfect. I sent off an email to see if there was anyway possible I could see this dress because I live in Canada and and they shipped a sample gown that was brand new, never tried for me to try on. So I made the trip to the city, I put the gown on and it fit me like a glove. It was just meant to be. It was a dream dress of mine and only wish I could wear it all the time. Val Stefani Style: D8053