Real Brides: Mallory

I met the man of my dreams, Joe, by mere chance. I accompanied one of my girlfriends to a nightclub as a favor, because her other girlfriend bailed. Joe was dragged there by his friends, on a chance Saturday night off from work. We literally walked right pass each other and he glanced over and knew my girlfriend, so they shared a big hello. When he saw me next, he had to know: "Who's your beautiful friend?!"...I must admit I was leery at first (insert dramatic eye-rolls!) but the more we talked, the more he made me laugh, so I ended up giving him my number. I remember he asked what I liked to eat, if he were to ever take me out on a date - I laughed at the likelihood of that and told him "Steak! - I'm a meat and potatoes girl!" - He seemed to enjoy that response. The next day, Joe called like he said he would, and the following night, he was taking me on our very first date...for that steak dinner! Joe and I were the same age, lived 5 minutes away, went to the same college! and even shared mutual friends. The coincidences were just rolling in! I even remember telling a woman in the restroom the following: "I'm on a first date, and it's going really, really well!" I would have never imagined I'd end up marrying Joe, but now I can't imagine my life without him! (PS: Since that steak dinner, we haven't went a day without talking!) Three years later, Joe and I got married on a beautiful (and warm!) Saturday afternoon in Bloomsburg, PA - November 5, 2016. We had our magical wedding in the woods at the Pump House B&B, surrounded by our family and close friends. The venue, the atmosphere, the beautiful fall backdrop, and of gorgeous Val Stefani dress, was just everything I've ever dreamed of! My guests are still talking about my gown and just how beautiful and romantic it was! I remember dress shopping and really hoping I'd find something more traditional; definitely lacy, and perhaps something with a sleeve. I went to a few boutiques, and a variety of styles looked really nice on. But, none of them were "my dress". The hunt continued... I was pretty apprehensive when my stylist at Castle Couture, had me try this dress on - the last of about 12 dresses that day! I was happy when I saw the 3/4 sleeve and the lace, but I thought: "A skirt?...Over my dress?...Is this woman crazy?"...Well, once she slipped the tulle skirt over my head, I was in awe...I had found my dress! After a few moments of, "take the skirt off"..."now put it back on!", and twirling around to see that breathtaking back, I knew it. This was the dress I would recite my vows in. This was the one! And without even trying, I had found a dress that was not only gorgeous, but it allowed for a "dress change" too! All of my guests were stunned when I entered our Reception, sans tulle skirt and showing off my figure in the full lace gown - it was just perfect both ways! Thinking back on our big day, and looking through my photos fills me with such joy and love. I can't wait for our life to unfold - together, as husband and wife! Photographer: Hannah Lauver - Sparrow and Lace