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Style D8108 OPEL Style: D8108 Style D8107 MCKENNA Style: D8107 Style D8106 KAI Style: D8106 Style D8105 IMOGEN Style: D8105 Style D8104 GEORGIA Style: D8104 Style D8103 EVELYN Style: D8103 Style D8102 CASSIEL Style: D8102 Style D8101 AMARIS Style: D8101 Style D8098 AIMEE Style: D8098 Style D8097 SIENNA Style: D8097 Style D8096 ELSIE Style: D8096 Style D8095 NIA Style: D8095 Style D8094 PAZ Style: D8094 Style D8093 FREYA Style: D8093 Style D8092 SUVI Style: D8092 Style D8091 HADLEY Style: D8091 Style D8089 ANJA Style: D8089 Style D8088 LUMINA Style: D8088 Style D8087 TALLULAH Style: D8087 Style D8086 MARISOL Style: D8086 Style D8085 PAOLINA Style: D8085 Style D8084 DANICA Style: D8084 Style D8083 COSIMA Style: D8083 Style D8082 SANDRINE Style: D8082 Style D8081 ELIZA Style: D8081 Style D8078 AVA Style: D8078 Style D8077 HARLOW Style: D8077 Style D8076 CONTESSA Style: D8076 Style D8075 ISLA Style: D8075 Style D8074 VALENTINA Style: D8074 Style D8073 NORA Style: D8073 Style D8072 DELPHINE Style: D8072 Style D8059 IRIDESSA Style: D8059 Style D8058 CELINE Style: D8058 Style D8055 JAYLAH Style: D8055 Style D8054 ADELYNN Style: D8054 Style D8053 ARIA Style: D8053 Style D8052 TALLY Style: D8052 Style D8051 CELESTIA Style: D8051 Style D8048 ARABELLA Style: D8048 Style D8047 GEMMA Style: D8047 Style D8046 SADIE Style: D8046 Style D8045 ROWAN Style: D8045 Style D8042 PERLA Style: D8042 Style D8041 DANIQUE Style: D8041 Style D8038 RAELYNN Style: D8038 Style D8037 EVERLY Style: D8037 Style D8035 YARA Style: D8035 Style D8027 ELORA Style: D8027
Val Stefani provides dresses to brides all around the world, always offering unique and innovative designs every season. Each of our brides' gowns stand out, wearing high-quality, designer wedding dresses that are designed to make each bride shine.

Our collection has a wide range of lace bridal dresses, beaded wedding gowns and vintage inspired bridal gowns that are irresistible to the eye. Beading, embroidery, and swarovski crystals adorn our bridal gowns along eye-catching embellishments. Val Stefani is inspired by remembering that our brides are all unique and beautiful, which will make you say yes to the dress! Browse our collection today and visit an authorized retailer to try on your dream gown today